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MOBILE LEGENDS: Most heartbreaking backstories of heroes from the Land of Dawn

MOBILE LEGENDS: Most heartbreaking backstories of heroes from the Land of Dawn

Mobile Legends Heartbreaking Backstories

The MOBA game Mobile Legends, which rocked an entire generation for more than five years now, has a wide array of heroes. Mages, fighters, assassins, supports, marksmen, and tanks inhabit the Land of Dawn.

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However, as we play these incredibly powerful heroes, we often overlook their backstories. Some of them have even experienced the most awful tragic origins.

In this list, we will be exploring some of the most heartwrenching origin stories behind our beloved heroes. Hopefully, we gain a sense of understanding of what lead them to where they are today.

These stories are all from the Wiki of Mobile Legends.

If I ever missed a hero, you can always share them in the comments section. Let’s start!

Hanabi – The Scarlet Flower

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The story of this beautiful hero clings more to the romantic side of heartbreak. She has always been in love with his rival, Hayabusa, ever since they started training together.

Hanabi never had the courage to confess her feelings for the young boy until the coming-of-age ceremony. She dressed up and made a bento for Hayabusa, inflicting cuts and bruises to herself in the process.

She rushed into the rain without an umbrella, clutching the red bean rice bento close to her chest. Hanabi ran through the roads of the Scarlet Shadow.

As heavier raindrops fell from the sky, she eventually found Hayabusa. However, the Onmyouji girl, Kagura was leaning close to him, holding her Seimei Umbrella.

A thunderclap roared across the sky and a flash of lightning danced in the darkness of night.

Frozen to the ground, Hanabi told herself,

“Hayabusa saw me. I can’t run away!”

She forced herself to walk up to them, each step feeling like a trample on her heart.

It wasn’t until she stood before Hayabusa with a blank expression did she realize she was still holding the bento box meant to express her feelings.

Hanabi ignored the umbrella Hayabusa handed over and coldly nodded to him as she would on the training ground, before quickening her steps to hide in the rain.

The rain stopped and night wind blew away the dark clouds, silver moonlight glowed over Hanabi’s face as she was drenched in water. On the high rooftop, she gazed up at the full moon, tears rolling down her cheeks uncontrollably.

Well, isn’t that just one of the most hurtful things you have read?

Silvanna – The Imperial Knightess

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Silvanna is part of the royal family of the Moniyan Empire. She had a brother named Dyrroth, whom she loved deeply.

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However, one night, the prince had gone missing. This caused a lot of stress for the whole empire, leading King Aurelius II to expand the Imperial Knight’s Order in search of Dyrroth.

Silvanna couldn’t bear the loss of her brother. That’s why she became a very skilled warrior, becoming an Imperial Knight herself. She even inherited some of the power of the Lord of Light.

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What’s sad about this is she didn’t know that her brother has become the Prince of the Abyss—the realm of the Dark Lord. This means her brother is now her enemy. The very person they have been searching for throughout the years is now part of the Abyss.

Pharsa – Wings of Vengeance

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It is no secret that the Vampire Queen Alice has destroyed a lot of lives. The Askati Princes Pharsa is one of them.

On the day of Pharsa’s wedding, Alice invaded the Askati Forest. She mercilessly slew countless Crows, leaving a smoldering trail of ruin in her wake.

Numbed to the core by the carnage surrounding her, Pharsa dropped Osana’s ancient crown to the floor. Her appearance began to change, as unprecedented power coursed through her veins—her blood had been awakened.

Pharsa’s eyes clouded over, as one side of her hair turned pure white, and she soared into the sky to unleash a torrential assault of horrifying magical power, fierce enough to drive Alice away.

Verri, the love of her life, couldn’t bear to see his betrothed suffer a life of blindness alone. He chose to accompany Pharsa wherever she went, utilizing his own magic to become permanently linked to Pharsa. It allowed her to see through his eyes.

Pharsa wishes her power had never been awakened. Even more, she wishes that her home had not been destroyed.

Alice took everything from her, and now it was time for revenge.

All of these stories present different kinds of heartbreak—one for unrequited love, one for a family member lost to the dark side, and finally, one for a destroyed community.

Which one has gotten your emotions running?

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