Stay Healthy during Rainy season with Watsons Healthy Essentials

Rainy days is not over, we should ourselves protected from health risks, and Watsons is here to help to stay healthy during this season.

Wastons is a health and beauty retailer that has a wide variations of health services, and products. This shop can be your companion in keeping you healthy.

For Health Immunity Booster at Watsons

Taking care of our body is also what we put inside of it. Like healthy foods and especially vitamins and supplements to prevent diseases these rainy days. The shop got us!

Vitamins should be present in our system. They have Enervon C, Potencee and Fern C that is rich in vitamin C and vitamin B complex to help to increase energy and immunity system.

For multivitamins, Berroca that contains vitamin C, vitamin-B, calcium, magnesium, and zinc. These factors sustaining your optimal performance throughout the day. It also help your body to release energy from the food you eat.

Moreover, the multivitamin Stresstabs contains also vitamin C, B , A and iron for healthy body and mind.

They also have food supplements such as Lola Remedios that address cold and respiratory comforts. Tolak Angin which helps to boost the immunity.

For supplements, they have Mega Ampalaya that has 500 mg of pure ampalaya or bitter gourd which helps to balance blood sugar in our body. While Mega Mangosteen is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals from mangosteen for immunity and energy boosters.

Good news! Because these vitamins and supplements has 30% discount for Watsons members and 10% off for non- members.

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Furthermore, you can still get your vaccines against flu, HPV, and pneumonia at Watsons. They have reliable pharmacists and health expert who will be happy to assist you in the store.

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You can also check their online shop for other health and beauty essentials in the link below.

Keep yourself healthy, protected, and safe. Visit the nearest store near you!

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