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Stars of Masungi: Celebrities that joined #SaveMasungi movement

Stars of Masungi: Celebrities that joined #SaveMasungi movement

Amid the vibrant green landscape of Masungi Georeserve under the abundance of sunlight, it remains at the edge of darkness from threats of being destroyed. And so the stars rose, shed their lights, and joined the movement of protecting this part of nature.

#SaveMasungi stands beyond just a trend but a direct call for Filipinos to stand firm in saving the conserved area. Masungi houses spectacular geological formations, from which it got its name. Moreover, this sanctuary plays a significant role in housing its rich ecological biodiversity -a factor to a healthy ecosystem.

Protecting Masungi means saving the lives of its flora and fauna and the rich story that this “home” holds. In line with this, the call for its protection needs to be amplified. This can be done through bringing the advocacy onto the bigger platforms.

And the stars of Masungi rose to share their platforms and shed light.

The “President” herself, Nadine Lustre

Raising the Green Flag: Nadine Lustre calls for #SaveMasungi in her vlog

Nadine, in so many ways, effortlessly proved that she is not tagged as “The President” for nothing! Because this Metro Manila Film Festival Best Actress is also an honorary park ranger for Masungi. In a vlog back in March this year, Nadine raised a literally and figuratively green flag that calls for the protection of the conserved sanctuary in Rizal.

The artist also enjoyed the adventurous and nature-loving activities that the conserved area offered her. Moreover, Ann and Billie Dumaliang, co-founders Masungi Georeserve Foundation accompanied her and shared several lessons to learn and act with nature. In this sense, Nadine truly acts as a star of Masungi that shared her light to inform more people of the need to #SaveMasungi.

SB19’s Bunso, Justin De Dios

Going Green with A’TIN: Justin De Dios joins his fans at Masungi Georeserve

Recently, PPop Kings SB19 held one of their biggest fan meeting events, One Zone. But these boys hold tons of talents but hearts for nature as well. In a vlog posted on February this year, SB19’s youngest member, Justin De Dios shared moments with fans in Masungi Georeserve. Jah may be the youngest but he surely holds a big heart for this advocacy.

A group of A’TIN called JAHANAN organized the tree planting project in the conserved area to celebrate the artist’s birthday. Moreover, in a Facebook post of Masungi Georeserve, they posed for a photo with the SB19 member while holding the #SaveMasungi flag. Undeniably, this shows the impact of an artist that uses his platform right that shed light to the sanctuary.

Ultimate Mima of Masungi, Sassa Gurl

Real Hiwaga: Sassa Gurl joins #SaveMasungi and calls for accountability

This ‘Maria Mahiwaga’ singer showed the true “hiwaga” she holds for conserved spaces like Masungi. In full glamour, mima Sassa Gurl graced the sanctuary for a shoot of a game series called “Diamond Hunt” by Kumu. This queen did not only mastered the art of comedy. She also never failed to stand firm for the advocacies she have from SOGIE, responsible content creation, up to #SaveMasungi.

In a short video shared by Masuingi Georeserve on official Twitter/X, the ultimate mima shared her fearless takes and calls to protect the sanctuary.

I’m also calling out the proper institutions, na kailangan [nang] matigil ang mga ginagawa nila; for example, ‘yong mining. Also, panagutin din natin ‘yong mga taong nagbabakbak (quarrying) ng mga mountains. 

Sassa Gurl on her stance for Masungi Georeserve

In moments like this, Sassa Gurl beams brighter and fiercer. This queen holds a hiwaga that she dared to share with the sanctuary. And with that said, Sassa is one true Masungi’s ultimate mima!

Indeed, the stars never leave by the day and comes back only at night. Because while Masungi Georeserve remains at the edge of darkness from threats of being destroyed, stars like Nadine Lustre, Justin De Dios, and Sassa Gurl shone their lights and joined #SaveMasungi.

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