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Motion sickness and its hassle most people don’t know about

Motion sickness and its hassle most people don’t know about

Motion sickness is an umbrella definition of the state of feeling nauseous during travel. It happens when upon detecting motion throughout mobility in land, sea, or air, the brain sends unnecessary impulse as a reaction.

Thereafter, those who have this tends to throw up, feel dizzy, or sometimes, even feel shortness of breath. From the word “kinetic” relating to movement, it is, thus, called “kinetosis” in its official medical term.

We’ll root out these, and other pestering effects of motion sickness that could be necessary to figure out. Who knows? Perchance, you can be a big help!

Else should you know

Trivial for some, but considering the consequences it takes to have this condition, motion sickness is a serious problem. Not that it is life-threatening, but it is a seed of grave inconvenience resulting in unfavorable setbacks.

While on average, one out of three people experiences motion sickness; it’s not an exaggeration to assume you can come across some of them in your daily life.

On that account, consider this a charity as we dig deep into the hassles of undergoing their situation. Let’s start:

Hassle #1: No choice ending up as a “home” person     

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With motion sickness, it is given that one is restricted from going to as many places as they would like. Even when they badly want to, they just can’t!

Those in no position won’t understand, but kinetosis is also a matter of coping with psychological impact. The physical exhaustion during travel, exceeding the human’s capability to handle is what makes it torture every single time.

For this reason, they are practically, this generation’s modern Rapunzels who are forced to stay at the premises of their home.

Hassle #2: Disappointing friends


We are often saddened by someone in our circle when they get left out on a planned trip. But other way around, have you thought about how it feels to be the one left out of your will? Well, those with motion sickness know so much.

Whereas it can be overcome through constant trips, not everyone is capable of surpassing limits. For some, they bitterly accepted the curse of just bearing with it for the rest of their life. Dismay to themselves, as well as to others.

Hassle #3: Missed opportunities

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Carpe Diem!” they said, meaning to seize the day. But for those suffering motion sickness, it’s time after time beyond possible. Every day is not a moment of breaking free, but a struggle to make it through.

Imagine the long list of unhanded chances saved upon every occasion they surrendered. Journeys, career expedition, and latitudes of experiences to try something new.

No option of stepping out of the comfort zone is possible. What has to offer, is only living up to the frames of limitations.

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Hassle #4: If not stigmatized, desensitized


Who would take so seriously a problem that could be solved by munching candies or inhaling decongestants? None, right?

But if that’s how it is easy, then it should not have been a problem at all. Motion sickness exists in degrees. Depending on the person, it could be a simple feeling dizzy or a worst-case whose effect lasts long in days. It is even backed up with medical knowledge how kinetosis can run in a family, like an incurable disease.

But most people aren’t aware of this. Sometimes, even those who have the case.

Now that you know!

The next time you stumble with those having a hard time, it will help to at least understand their circumstance. Be it in jeepneys, buses, or other transportation, learn to sympathize. After all, they did not volunteer to just get dizzy all of a sudden and vomit in public.

Before being disgusted, try to ask yourself first.

Is your little discomfort bigger than their struggle?                       

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