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Self-Care: Improving Your Relationship with Your Body

Self-Care: Improving Your Relationship with Your Body

Body shaming is a deep-seated problem embedded in our society, and most do not go unscathed from the humiliation.

Filipinos are all too familiar with unsolicited remarks like “mukhang isang ubo ka na lang.” Moreover, we tend to brush off comments about body shape or size to avoid appearing too sensitive.

However, letting it slide does nothing to address the issue. We become more conscious of how we look and begin hating ourselves. Here’s how you can start improving your relationship with your body.

Avoid self-deprecating jokes

Sure, you say humor is how you cope with your insecurities. Everybody jokes around while nobody gets hurt. But over time, the more you keep bringing yourself down and criticizing your appearance, the more you will start to believe it. You might also give the impression that others are free to nitpick and insult you.

What You Should Do: Start practicing affirmations daily. You can write it down in a journal or say it out loud. Repeating positive statements can help with your overall well-being.

Stop comparing your body to others

At one point, most of us wished we look like those Instagram models we see online. However, we keep forgetting that what we’re looking at is the best version of that person.

Would it be reasonable to compare yourself to a posed and edited image? Of course not! What we often see on social media does not depict reality. We create unrealistic standards in our minds and torment ourselves with the ideal body image.

What You Should Do: Stay off from social media for a while and disconnect. Unfollow or block users that are harming you.

Be grateful for your body

Instead of looking into the mirror and noticing every flaw, thank your body for being there. It allows you to move, dance, walk to places and live life. Your body serves you well, no matter what shape or size. Give the appreciation that it deserves.

Focus on what feels good

One way to show appreciation of your body is to engage in physical activities. If you find yourself dreading a workout routine, it may be a sign that what you’re doing is not something you like at all.

Rather than pressuring yourself to follow a weight loss program by a fitness influencer, try pursuing other forms of exercise like yoga, pilates, swimming, or simply walking. Find a fun activity that you can stick to for a long-time.

Don’t feel guilty for eating!

For once, let’s stop treating food as the enemy. Make it a goal to eat healthy instead of crash dieting. Refrain from skipping meals but nourishing your body with the nutrients it needs to survive.

I’m not saying we stuff ourselves full, but we should honor and indulge our food cravings once in a while.

Immediately loving your body is not possible, but you can change your relationship for the better by following some of these ways. Ultimately, we need to remind ourselves that people have no right to an opinion on our bodies.

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