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Mini Miss U Contestant reminds people the importance of self-love

Mini Miss U Contestant reminds people the importance of self-love

Annika Co of Mini Miss U

Annika Co, a seven-year old contestant of It’s Showtime‘s ‘Mini Miss U‘ brought the internet to tears as she reminds everyone to love themselves.

Who cares if the others don’t like you? I like you, and everybody else does. What matters is somebody still likes you. If some people don’t like you, then it’s fine. What’s important is someone still likes you. You shouldn’t be worrying about if you’ll be the best in the world. You have to be the best version of yourself—

Annika Co, Mini Miss U 2023

Mini Miss U Contestant reminds people the importance of self-love

Photo Credit | Anne Curtis & Annika CO in Mini Miss U 2023

Many are in awe of Annika‘s words because it stresses the importance of self-love. Even Anne Curtis was teary-eyed due to the child’s purity and kindness towards people.

Naiyak ako kasi it was so pure na parang if everyone could be as kind as this child, diba wala nang hatred sa mundo. It was so innocent and pure.

Anne Curtis

In Annika‘s speech, she told everyone to be the best version of themselves. Moreover, she also said that we don’t have to worry about other people’s perception of us.

Indeed, in this world full of unnecessary judgments, we must be gentler with ourselves. Not worrying about other people’s input about us is another key to happiness.

For someone so young, it’s validating to hear those words as adults

I’m guilty that I’ve also been self-critical, worrying that people might think of me wrongly (as a fresh graduate). And for sure, I’m not the only one who feels like they aren’t doing much at some point in their lives.

Annika‘s words hit differently to people who find joy in pleasing others. Whether through their achievements or other things that make them feel like they must prove something to feel valid.

Her statement made everyone feel validated. Furthermore, you don’t have to keep everyone happy. And vice versa, we just need to be compassionate, appreciative, and kind to people.

We must live for ourselves, and for the genuine people around us

After graduating, I realized that I have control over my life. I’m not guided by curriculums and lesson plans anymore. And this is the time when I should be building my future, and keeping myself happy.

I shouldn’t worry about other people even if I fail; as such, it indicates that I’m continuously progressing in my life. Doing this enables us to make another step that can work than the first one. Moreover, keeping our circles small helps us achieve more because it metaphorically weighs less– in life.

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On the other hand, let’s try our best to stay kind to people. Let this child’s affirmation be our mantra to become compassionate individuals. Moreover, let’s inspire others as much as her words did to us.

Being supportive and kind goes a long way than you know.

With Annika‘s words, many people who suffers from being self-critical felt validated.

This is also an excellent example of how positive words affect a child. We, as parents, instill their inner voice, which either tells them they’re good enough or not. This will enrich their positive self-talk as they grow older.

And as a child, positive self-talk helps people around them to affirm that their big or small moves matter in this world. As Anne Curtis said in the episode, hatred wouldn’t foster in this world if everyone had the same kindness as Annika.

A simple assurance to a child that they’re doing great will establish their confidence. On the other hand, constructive and kind criticisms will also help them to do better with their possible mistakes.

It takes both rain and sunshine to grow a plant, which can be applied in life. Those two will remind them to be gentle with themselves so that they can still have grace within themselves regardless of what life throws at them in the future.

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