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INSTAGRAM RAID: Anne Curtis Being the Best Mom

INSTAGRAM RAID: Anne Curtis Being the Best Mom

It was on March 2, 2020, that Anne Curtis and her husband Erwan Heussaff welcomed their bundle of joy, Dahlia Amélie

We used to see Anne, along with her It’s Showtime co-hosts, bringing joy and laughter to people. She’s also a model who is often seen serving glam and elegance.

Now that she’s been a mother for two years, let’s check out how she is working on being the best mom to Dahlia.

Anne as a first-time mom

Motherhood is full of surprises especially if you’ve never done it before. 

Most first-time mothers enter into motherhood with many questions about themselves: what they’ll be like as a mom, how they will handle sleepless nights, and even how their parenting choices will affect their child.

Although we were unable to witness Anne’s struggles as a first-time mom, we can see that she overcame the motherhood challenges in her two years of raising Dahlia. 

Dahlia’s first Halloween

In 2020, Anne made sure her baby would experience her first Halloween!

Dahlia looked precious in her butterfly-inspired costume. 

Dahlia’s birthday celebrations

They celebrated Dahlia’s first two birthdays with a flower-themed birthday party. Along with her second birthday, Dahlia was also welcomed to the Christian world. 

Work out buddy

Working out will be the least priority for a first-time mom. However, Anne shared her fun workout discovery while going on her daily walks with Dahlia. Even during hikes! 

Dahlia’s first day of school

Last August, Anne shared a short video of Dahlia getting ready for her first day of school.

In case you’re wondering why a 2-year-old baby is already attending school, Anne clarified in a comment that it’s like a pre-pre-school where kids learn, sing, and play together.

Anne’s sweet and candid moments with Dahlia

Here are some of the best moments of Anne and Dahlia you surely don’t want to miss!


And of course, her first-time mom journey wouldn’t be complete without the best partner she could ever wish for, her husband Erwan. 

Dahlia is most probably the best blessing Anne and Erwan have ever received. So happy to witness their journeys as first-time parents. 
In no time, Dahlia will spread her wings and fly. She will soon be looking at these photographs and will undoubtedly be filled with pride for her parents.
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