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Drag Queens we would like to see on the next RPDR All Winners Season

Drag Queens we would like to see on the next RPDR All Winners Season

All Stars All Winners

Who doesn’t love a sickening comeback? The All Stars 7: All Winners Season of RuPaul’s Drag Race brought back past winners of the franchise. Eight legendary queens competed in order to be crowned the Queen of All Queens. In the finale, Jinkx Monsoon snatched the coveted title which she fully deserves.

After All Stars Season 7, fans have their own speculations on the next batch of All-Winners cast. With this, we have curated a list of queens who we are most likely to see next season.

Bob the Drag Queen

Being the winner from the eighth season, Bob has also proven in her run that she really has what it takes. Her comedic timing and fun personality made her to be one of the most known drag queens worldwide. In addition, she also uses her platform to advocate for both the Black and the LGBTQIA+ Community. Her presence in the next roster would surely be one we would be looking out for.

Alaska Thunderf*ck

In the fifth season, Alaska made it to the finale but her journey was ended when Jinkx Monsoon won the crown. She then returned to compete in All Stars 2 and she ultimately won the season. Surely, she would love to go back for more as what she has said on a TikTok video. She even invited Bob the Drag Queen to join her at the next All Winners competition. Here’s to hoping she’ll bring Lil’ Poundcake back with her.


Season 13’s sweetheart Symone is surely one of the queens we would love to see back in the race. Her cute personality and her glamorous fashion taste surely led the audiences to want more. Also, she is an advocate for the Black and Brown people to help them embrace themselves. Which is why it should be one of the reasons why RuPaul sees herself in Symone.

Angele Anang

Who wouldn’t love to see the legendary Thai Queen Angele Anang? She is the winner of Drag Race Thailand Season 2 and she even broke records in her run. Anang is the first ever queen to win five main challenges in one season, with the four she won consecutively. The next season of All Winners would surely be a cutthroat with her in it.


Priyanka joined and eventually won the first ever installment of Canada’s Drag Race. When she entered the competition, it was revealed by her that she was only doing drag for two years. Well, this showed that she was quick enough to prove that she had what it takes. Here’s to hoping that she would bring to the world stage her skills as a Lip Sync Assassin.


Aquaria was already known on Instagram even before she joined and won the tenth season of Drag Race. She was perceived as a look queen, which meant that it was all that she could offer. But her run in the race really showed that she possesses the oomph completely. Being one of the franchise’s youngest winners, Aquaria’s future in drag would surely be one for the books.

Sasha Velour

Cue the roses, we’re talking about thee Sasha Velour. A legendary icon from Season 9, her unique artistry has really proven her spot in the Winners’ Circle. During a recent interview in ET Canada, she has stated that she is dying to return to the competition. The All Stars All Winners format has changed her answer on going back. In addition, she wanted to compete with her fellow sister, Sasha Colby.

Sasha Colby

Need we say more? Indeed, she’s your favorite drag queen’s favorite drag queen. Her clean sweep in the competition put 4 wins on her bag during the latest season. Do note that she has never been in the bottom during her run, talk about iconic. This further put excitement to fans to see her again in the future installment of the All Winners competition.

Which other queens from the Winners’ Circle would you like to see back on the main stage? Let us know!

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