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P1HARMONY songs that you need to find out!

P1HARMONY songs that you need to find out!

Authenticity is the two-year-old boy group, P1HARMONY’s strength, as the six members participate in writing and composing lyrics. Every member stands out; charisma and swag are their secret sauce to individuality. Their uniqueness truly stands out; it is no wonder why P1HARMONY produces songs that easily captivate the audience.

When it comes to releasing hit songs, P1HARMONY never backs down from challenging comebacks. Connecting from one to another, their albums feature trilogies that highlight every astonishing concept of the group. Although their lore is harmonized with one another, it never fails to bring out the WOW FACTOR.

P1HARMONY has a sensational discography that I strongly think people need to stop sleeping on! So I am here to recommend to you their songs that you need to find out!


How the heck were they able to release a banger since their debut?! You can tell how they are enjoying That’s It through their energetic choreography. It seems like the boys never run out of hype and charisma. Well… that’s P1HARMONY for you!

YouTube | That’s It


The hardcore track Reset will make you wanna bang to the beat! Piwon’s enthusiasm is so contagious that you can’t help but feel the fire they are giving off! If LIT were music, it would definitely be this baby!

YouTube | Reset


Dedicated to their fandom, P1HARMONY brings emotional support and lets everyone know that they can be at peace together. A calm tune, just like its title, Peacemaker, to comfort every P1ece out there. Sadness could never be completely erased, but through Piwon’s healing music, the meaning conveys hope. A hope that would lessen the burden, even for just a little bit, and I think that’s wonderful. 

YouTube | Peacemaker

Mirror Mirror (HARMONY: ZERO IN)

Need a confidence boost? The harmony lads got your back with Mirror Mirror! The swaggy song, mixed with their upbeat rap and vocals, creates a perfect recipe that shoots straight into your self-esteem. When Piwon said, “Hey, won’t you look in the mirror?” might as well look into Spotify and add this baby!

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YouTube | Mirror Mirror

Gotta Get Back (feat. Pink Sweat$)

Gotta Get Back got me giggling and twirling my hair because who wouldn’t melt from the boys’ sweet voice?! A collaboration with Pink Sweat$ brought out the group’s mellow side, which is completely different from Piwon’s usual boyish swag. To say this was one of the best 2022 collabs is not an exaggeration; we need more of these songs!

YouTube | Gotta Get Back

2022 was definitely P1HARMONY’s year, like rapper and maknae, Jongseob wished to claim. This 2023, P1ece excitedly looks forward to what P1HARMONY will unleash that will leave everyone’s mouths hanging. Surely the boys would never disappoint, as always!

Do I sound convincing enough to why you should listen to them? We need more P1HARMONY enjoyers, I bet you wouldn’t regret stanning these gems!

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