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6 K-Pop Songs To Blast At Your New Years Party

6 K-Pop Songs To Blast At Your New Years Party

Some say the best way to welcome the year is through loud sounds to ward off bad energy. Though, what better way to attract New Year’s luck and keep everyone’s blood pumping than playing K-pop songs? Who needs large and loud fireworks when you could play loud and fun beats?

Here are K-Pop songs to blast at your New Years Party to keep guests entertained and energized:

As You Wish | WJSN (Cosmic Girls)

Hailed as THE New Year’s Anthem by Korean netizens, WJSN’s As You Wish is a sure chart-topper every holiday season. A song about having such wishes and manifesting their occurrence, it embodies hopeful lyrics that signify making wishes come true. 

Ever since its release on November 19th of 2019, the song gained traction every New Year’s Eve until 2022. It gained attention for having repetitive lyrics in its chorus and a hopeful message. The phrase “iruri” or “이루리” translates to the song title “As You Wish”, repeated roughly at least 21 times in the chorus alone, making it similar to a chant or spell. Some of its lyrics include an optimistic feel through phrases like “Hope all your wishes will come true”, “We’ll always be together”, and “I’ll make them all come true, whenever whatever”.

The song is anticipated to hit its fourth consecutive year on Korean music charts in welcoming the year 2023.

Siesta | Weki Meki

Recognized for its light and energetic Pop-EDM elements, this song by Weki Meki hits all the right spots for the perfect energy boost. Written to send its message on the importance of our own concept of rest and providing an opportunity for redemption. The title track Siesta expresses the same message as its Spanish word origin.

Through figures of speech, Weki Meki captured the hearts of both Ki-Lings and non-Ki-Lings through the song’s lyricism. It showcased the very close similarities of emotional sparks and fireworks alike. With lyrics such as “it makes us burn up more” and “feel the sparks come alive in your heart” along with the direct references to pyrotechnics, they created the perfect New Year’s anthem.

After Like | IVE

A New Year’s tracks list wouldn’t be complete without one of the most iconic comebacks of the year. A hard-hitting release from one of the biggest girl groups of the fourth generation, After Like easily caught the attention of the public. Known for its mesmerizing sets, After Like is one that’s the talk of the town for this New Year’s Day.

Many K-pop fandoms and girl group enthusiasts have been spreading news of the trend to remake After Like’s iconic final chorus set. DIVEs, or IVE’s fandom, had the idea of remaking the set to feel their K-Pop idol fantasy. What better way to celebrate a new year than to have breathtaking visuals?

Days Gone By | DAY6

Through their own sense of musical style and artistic choices, DAY6 has perfectly captured the essence of the New Years’ Season through this song. Korean band DAY6 channeled retro as they sing about romance and time throughout the track. The band showed appreciation for looking back in time and reminiscing memories whether good or bad.

Despite being released in 2018 and having glum lyrics about the past, the synth-pop element used within the track hides the true meaning of the song. DAY6 expresses that the past isn’t only full of happy memories, yet could still be stained by unwanted feelings. However, the aesthetics of the music video is also an element that takes its listeners aback with its vintage palette.

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Dun Dun Dance | OH MY GIRL

Breezy, summery, chill, and free from bad vibes, Dun Dun Dance is another one to bop your head to. While highly considered a summer track, OH MY GIRL’s “Dun Dun Dance” holds the true meaning of forgetting everything and going along with the groove to solve all one’s worries. Released in May 2021, this quirky track shows the fun and carefree side of K-pop.

The song holds the perfect formula for a party track, a catchy beat, a playful rhythm, memorable choreography, and a good hook. With lyrics such as “I just wanna dun-dun-dance” and “get away from the hectic life and expectations”, it offers a carefree feeling at first and even multiple listens.

Hello Future | NCT DREAM

A catchy Hip Hop-Dance track from one of the leading boy groups of K-Pop. This single from the group’s first studio album repackage “Hot Sauce”, just connects with the soul. Focusing on its main message, it sings about facing the future with a special someone. Disregarding pressures and problems, anything is possible with someone by one’s side no matter how difficult life is.

This playful track features all seven members of the boy group unit NCT. With elements of R&B and Hip hop, the album cover fits with the title single with its notable yellow and blue colors. Its music video offers a colorful boho summer feel.

These tracks will surely make your New Year’s Eve celebration worthwhile with friends and family. Welcome the year 2023 with positive vibes, good luck, and the perfect feeling provided by the power of music. What else are you waiting for? Throw these songs into your party playlist and let the fun begin! Stay safe with the family this coming New Year’s Eve and spread luck through music!

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