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Khalil Ramos Teaches Us Smartphone Photography Amid ECQ

Khalil Ramos Teaches Us Smartphone Photography Amid ECQ

If there’s one benefit that this lockdown has brought us, that is to learn as much as we can and try to explore our creativity. Classes in schools are disrupted due to ECQ but ABS-CBN’s Star Magic is giving us a new platform to learn new skills. With its Star Skwela 101, Khalil Ramos teaches us Smartphone Photography.

The style that matches my taste and pulse is street photography because I love capturing candid moments,” Khalil said. You’ll surely be amazed by his creative process and how he captures the reality around us and by telling the story through its lens.


Education is a lifelong journey and we should be committed to it. What ABS-CBN is doing is giving us a key to what only professionals have experienced. In these tutorials, Khalil shares his best practices and this is an excellent way to learn. He also shares strategies and the art of photography which can keep you glued in the entire time. If you’re not interested to turn it into a profession, it can be a great hobby. There can also be some awesome nuggets that you can find valuable in the long run.


On top of that, how can you not be drawn to everything he says if his amorous eyes are squarely looking at you? I can still recall when I studied twice as hard on a subject just because the professor was really cute. If you haven’t fallen for his acting skills yet, his smarts can make you swoon over him.

Why Photography?

Most of us are selfie addicts and with these tricks, you can take your pictures to the next level. Imagine yourself being able to capture moments that are rich and powerful, it can be gratifying and fun. For me, photographs tell a story, a history, those captivating moments that we want to cherish.

Way back 2009, my family went to the US and my Uncle Johnny is a hobbyist, I’m a very curious kid, so I fiddled with my Uncle’s collection and he lent me his cameras for me to explore. I was 13 years old back then and he taught me the fundamentals, my first subjects were the Golden Gate bridge and the Seagulls.  Fast forward to 2015, we were in Japan and that has reignited my passion as it brought back the fire. I can always recall  what my Uncle told me that I had the eye and that gave me confidence,” Khalil said


Having said that, Khalil might be the best teacher that we’re looking for, not only to kill our boredom but to explore our innermost creativity. Learning this can be a wonderful experience and a remarkable opportunity you shouldn’t miss. With ABS-CBN currently shutdown, this educational program gives us the reason why should they get their franchise back.

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