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Just the right buzz you need to seize the day from HYPERBREW

Just the right buzz you need to seize the day from HYPERBREW

Who here are also coffee dependents like us? Raise your hands! We have to admit that at some point, we need the boost only caffeine can give to get through our daily tasks. The newest cold brew store online introduces exactly what we want and need: good tasting coffee with a punch that can enable us to seize the day!
“I’ve always been a caffeine-dependent person and I have this hobby of crafting beverages at home. From making homemade Matcha Latte, to now handcrafting specialty cold brew coffee. One thing led to another and here we are, HYPERBREW was created.”
The owner knew that people need comfort, especially in this trying time. For many of us, coffee acts like a hug to help us keep going. By creating something that looks beautiful on the outside and even more delicious on the inside, HYPERBREW really is onto something.
“I made coffee (and matcha) my comfort beverages during this pandemic. There’s just this feeling of comfort from making and drinking coffee, regardless if it’s hot or cold. It feels like it hugs you from within and I wanted others to feel that too with my coffee.”
Made for the go-getters and the Instagram curators, this cold brew surely is like no other! The packaging was designed extra cute and eye-catching and it’s seriously the perfect bottle to share in your feeds.

What’s the promise?

💯 single-origin arabica beans
🧑🏽‍🌾 locally sourced
☕️ founded by a caffeine-connoisseur
Aside from IG-worthy shots, these drinks can contribute more than it looks.
“Hundred percent sure that you’ll feel the kick of caffeine from HYPERBREW coffee. During the product development phase, I had to taste my coffee every single day and I can say that it really packs a punch. I’m very proud of the good mixes I made from my cold brew coffee and I’d say that you’ll definitely have a good time drinking ’em.”
Below is the menu wherein you can find the perfect match for your taste in coffee:

via @hyperbrewph

Priced only P110-P185, there’s no reason not to give it a try. Whether you like it white or black, there’s a bottle that will sweep you off your feet. We assure you, it’s worth having more than just one!
Head on over to their Instagram page to check out their cool offerings!
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