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How To Be a Cool Gen Z Tita

How To Be a Cool Gen Z Tita

Being an aunt, or Tita, is a unique and cherished role in my nephew’s life. As a tita, I have the unique opportunity to provide guidance, support, and companionship. I have had the privilege of watching my nephew grow into a remarkable young man. Along this journey, I have learned valuable lessons on how to be a cool Gen Z Tita and a guardian to him.

5 things I learned as a cool Gen Z Tita

Be Present

Building a strong bond with my nephew is essential. I like spending quality time with him, engaging in activities that are of interest to both of us. This could be something as simple as playing video games, going for a bike ride along the Marikina River, or even doing a trendy TikTok dance or learning how to play lato-lato. Sometimes, I also attend his school events. And since he was born, I have been the photographer for his yearly birthday party.

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Listen Actively

Open communication is another important aspect of being a cool tita and friend to my nephew. I always want to create a safe and non-judgmental space for him to express himself freely. I also take the time to listen attentively to his thoughts, concerns, and interests. I am always encouraging him to talk about what is happening in his life and offer advice or support when appropriate. I love listening to all his stories about his new friend and even about his crush. By being an active listener, I am not only building trust but also demonstrating that his opinions and experiences hold value. This will not only strengthen our relationship but also help him develop his communication skills.

Encourage hobbies and interests

By taking an active interest in his hobbies, I feel like I can connect with him on a deeper level. Whether it’s engaging in friendly debates about comic book characters or joining him for gaming sessions, this shared enthusiasm will create lasting memories while fostering personal growth.

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Offer guidance

Apart from enjoying common interests, a cool tita also offers guidance and mentorship. I like to share my life experiences and life lessons to help my nephew navigate through challenging situations. Whether it’s advice on friendship or school, I always let him know that I am there to guide him.

Be a support system

Last but not least, the most vital aspect of being a cool tita is showing love and support. I always like to celebrate his achievements and be there to console him during his failures. I encourage him to chase his dreams, even though sometimes they are silly. The role of a cool tita is not just about being fun but also about being a source of guidance and support.

Photo | Ronalyn Santos

Becoming a cool tita is not about trying too hard; rather, it’s about being present in my nephew’s life and showing genuine care and interest in who they are becoming. The joy of being one of his safe spaces, of being his tita, lies in witnessing his growth firsthand while creating memories.

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