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Every menstruator should use these period trackers:

Every menstruator should use these period trackers:

Every menstruator hates red sea surprises. Worry no more! I found period trackers that could help you remain aware of your body. No need to count days manually, these will help you keep on track.

NOTE: Menstruators, evidently means, people who menstruate or have periods. Informed healthcare providers use this much more inclusive term. Because it includes transgender men and non-binary people as well.

Every menstruator should use these period trackers, available on Google Play Store:

  1. Flo Period Tracker. My Menstrual Cycle Calendar

Flo Period Tracker predicts your menstruation day accurately. It tracks your health and explains ovulation, potential causes of late periods, and even pregnancy expectations and realities. Aside from that, it also monitors your cycle, fertility, and pregnancy. Identifying your body’s patterns such as if you experience headaches and tender breasts. If pregnant, it can also track your baby’s growth. Another thing, it also tracks your pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms.

  1. Period Tracker, My Calendar

MyCalendar is the one I currently use and is really cool. The countdown before the period day remains accurate. This app calculates your ovulation. It also tells you the days when you will have a higher chance of getting pregnant. You can record your daily health here. Of course, these include the symptoms you feel and the mood you are in. Additionally, this app offers to record your cervical mucus, BMI, sexual activity, and weight. Predicting your period length and cycle length is also available here. For people who are trying to conceive or taking part in birth control, this app really helps.

  1. Clue Period Tracker, Cycle & Ovulation Calendar

Clue is another tracker that will stop the surprise of your monthly visit. It will help you learn about your body and discover the unique patterns in your menstrual period. Just like the first two, it also tracks your ovulation. Also your exact first red day, the symptoms, fertility, and pregnancy chances. This will give you ideas of how your pills, moods, skin, cravings, and other options affect your menstrual cycle.

These period trackers have cool and cute graphics. that will let you enjoy your tracking and recording time. Start tracking! And stop these surprises that may ruin your plans.

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