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Embrace your fitness journey with luxury and inclusivity at Kinetix+

Embrace your fitness journey with luxury and inclusivity at Kinetix+

Strength serves as the root of all facets of physical health. While Kinetix Lab serves as the premium strength and conditioning gym, Kinetix+ makes a difference in the fitness industry. Through an inclusive fitness journey and redefining the idea of luxury fitness, your training experience deserves a good foundation by joining the pack!

Embrace your fitness journey with luxury and inclusivity at Kinetix+

State-of-the-art equipment promotes fitness comfort and confidence

Kinetix+ redefines the idea of luxury fitness with innovative state-of-the-art equipment with opulent facilities, personalized services, and world-class coaches. They go beyond the traditional gym experience, offering a holistic approach to health and fitness. Kinetix+ aims for a comprehensive lifestyle transformation with a unique combination of strength training, mobility exercises, and preventative rehabilitation practices.

Encouraging the environment with resources and support every step of the way 

Members embark on a comprehensive fitness journey through one-on-one coaching where they begin a wholesome fitness journey with confidence. An encouraging community empowers you to realize your full potential in all facets of life, not just fitness. Kinetix+ tailor-fits advice and support catered to your unique fitness improvement.

World-class trainers as your mentors, motivators, and valuable resources

World-class coaches trained by a respected Italian Olympic Strength and Conditioning Coach will help you set achievable goals and reach your full potential for lasting positive change. They offer valuable feedback and encouragement to foster self-awareness, resilience, and empowerment essential for your transformative fitness journey.

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Scheduled to open this September, Kinetix+ revolutionizes the fitness industry, offering innovative facilities and programs designed to meet the diverse needs of its members. They provide an established safe space to ensure each member receives the support they deserve.

Never miss a better, stronger version of you, and let Kinetix+ guide you to your fitness journey and success!

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