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Edge-of-your-seat crime thriller ‘Voice 4’ now streaming on iQiyi

Edge-of-your-seat crime thriller ‘Voice 4’ now streaming on iQiyi

The fourth season of the highly engaging South Korean crime thriller series Voice is now streaming on iQiyi and The series pits a group of a highly-skilled team of crime busters against a serial killer with enhanced hearing ability.

Edge-of-your-seat crime thriller Voice 4 now streaming on iQiyi

In the much-awaited latest season, Voice 4 packs an interesting mix of South Korea’s veteran and upcoming talented actors. It includes returning cast members, Lee Ha-na, Son Eun-seo, Kim Joong-ki, and Song Boo-gun. Along with new cast members Song Seung-heon and Kang Seung-yoon (member of idol boy group Winner).

Screenwriter Ma Jin-won and director Shin Yong-hwi (Hide and Seek and The Great Show), Voice 4 trails Derek Jo (Seung-heon), the team leader of the LAPD Olympic Division’s Gang Unit. They hunt for American gangsters to take him to South Korea. However, his sister becomes a victim of murder when she witnesses a crime. This, then, prompts him to collaborate with the Golden Time Team which Kang Kwon-joo (Ha-na) leads. Together, they track down the suspect, Circus Man.

Best known for his previous works in romantic dramas Autumn in My Heart and My Princess, Seung-heon talked to iQiyi International for an exclusive interview about his lines regarding Voice 4

He said that he focused heavily on his English-speaking lines to prepare for the role in Voice 4. The role also remained physically demanding than his previous roles with many chase scenes that put his physical fitness to the test. He also worked hard on filming in hopes that the audience will enjoy the show.

“If there were any special preparations I did for this role, it would be for my English lines. It wasn’t easy to get the right pronunciation. I regret not studying diligently in the past. I really regret it.”

Hearing his humble words, his partner Lee Ha-na immediately complimented and assured him,

“You speak it quite well.”

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After the confirmation of his casting in Voice 4, Kang Seung-yoon had to re-watch the first three seasons. When he met his senior colleagues, they didn’t feel like strangers to him. He said with a smile,

“I have the heart of a fan combined with feelings of nervousness. I am very happy to be acting with them.”

Lee Ha-na, who played the female lead Kang Kwon-joo throughout all four seasons, responded to Song Seung-heon’s and Kang Seung-yoon’s comments by saying,

“Thanks to these two new cast members, I have found my motivation and am excited to take on new challenges. They have given me a lot of encouragement and positive energy.  I am extremely grateful that they joined us.”

Watch it first on iQiyi, Voice 4 drops every Saturday and Sunday.

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