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De Guzman couple cosplayed ‘Kingdom 2’ on their 8th anniversary

De Guzman couple cosplayed ‘Kingdom 2’ on their 8th anniversary

Kingdom 2 cosplay by De Guzman couple

Eyes here, Kingdom fans and cosplayers! This couple just celebrated their eighth-year anniversary by posting their photos and that includes their cosplay for South Korean political period horror thriller Netflix’s KingdomPrince De Guzman Transformations posted their cosplay photos on his official Facebook page on Sunday, July 25. This commemorates their masterpieces and journey as a couple:

“Just few of the many MANY crazy wild adventures that we had together. I am sorry if I’ll go a bit cheesy on this. Most of the best moments were not captured by camera but we managed to get some ❤️ 8 years of twist and turns! We have let each other grow individually and you treated me like a King just like how I treated you like a Queen. You have joined me in the ugliest and the most beautiful parts of my journey. Happy Anniversary baby! Sana hindi tayo tumanda! We thank everyone who supported us! You know who you guys are. Di kami nakakalimot.”

Prince and Awie de Guzman cosplay Kingdom characters for their 8th anniversary

Furthermore, Prince De Guzman cosplayed the Undead King and his wife, Awie De Guzman also cosplayed Queen Cho. Both are characters from Kingdom, a zombie series that showcases the power-hungry and the world dominated by greed resulting in a disaster.

The second season of Kingdom premier last year, making their cosplay a #throwback photo for their anniversary. Nevertheless, the ‘Kingdom Fever‘ may intensify for those Kingdom stans by seeing this cosplay. This cosplay makes it exciting for the fans to watch the prequel Kingdom: Ashin of the North that premiered last Friday, July 23.


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De Guzman couple cosplaying as Trese characters

Given that the couple does cosplays, the recently Netflix-premiered Filipino-animated series Trese also became their inspiration for another masterpiece. Furthermore, they even made a short clip about Trese where their cosplay trended in the Philippines.

Also, here are other Trese-inspired cosplay photos of the couple that may also excite people to watch and support the anime series:

trese and nuno cosplay by de guzman couple
Trese and Nuno


emissary cosplay by awie de guzman
Emissary of Death


datu tagbulasao and ramona cosplay by de guzman couple
Ramona and Datu Talagbusao

Moreover, the De Guzman couple doesn’t only cosplay characters from the series.

They also do other cosplays inspired by other movies and games. Their creativity is truly exceptional that deserves to be known. Furthermore, their talent could hype up more fans of a game, series, and even movies because of their spot-on transformations.

Catch more of them in their social media accounts. Happy anniversary, lovebirds!

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