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EXO member’s D.O. radiates with new solo album, “Empathy”

EXO member’s D.O. radiates with new solo album, “Empathy”

Despite the gloomy and rainy skies that we face today, EXO and EXO-L fans are currently having one of the brightest days of their lives. Especially the fans whose bias is Do Kyungsoo or D.O.! Everyone has anticipated D.O.’s solo album, ever since the first five members had theirs (Lay, Chen, Baekhyun, Suho, and Kai). Since EXO’s Twitter account posted teasers of D.O.’s mini-album, stans waited… patiently, might I add. AND, FINALLY, THE LONG WAIT IS OVER!

Like a ray of sunshine that we badly needed, D.O. released his first solo debut album, Empathy, yesterday, July 26, 2021.

He also released a music video for one of his album’s songs, Rose, available on Youtube and Spotify. According to D.O.’s interview with Soompi, “Empathy” contains a total of eight tracks, including six new songs and two bonus tracks.

When listening to the songs, D.O. takes us to a field of happy nostalgia with his melodic voice and acoustic guitar tunes.

“Since it’s my first solo album, I think I focused on doing music that I wanted to do. Personally, I really like the sound of acoustic guitar, and I felt comfortable listening to it, so I decided to go in that direction.”

His album also includes an English and Spanish rendition of his song, It’s Love.

D.O.’s Si Fueras Mia (It’s Love) gives you goosebumps as you listen to his alluring and calming singing. I think we can all agree that Kyungsoo’s singing is swoon-worthy, and his choice of music only exemplifies this fact!

“When I first heard those songs, the guide tracks were in English and Spanish, but the lyrics and vibes felt great, so I wanted to sing them for everyone.”

From 2012, D.O. has consistently made us fall in love with his charming looks and pleasing aura.

Aside from providing visuals and personality, he also showcases God-tier talent in acting, singing, or dancing. We are so proud of Kyungsoo and everything he does!

“Hello, this is EXO’s D.O. I’m greeting you with my solo album. It’s my first solo album, so I’m very nervous and excited. I worked hard to make it so that you can feel the good energy while listening to the songs, so I hope you’ll be happy. Make sure to always eat well and stay healthy. Thank you.”

Currently, D.O.’s Rose MV is trending as #1 on iTunes in 59 different countries. Stream it now! D.O.’s songs are just the warm cup of chocolate and comfortable blanket we crave in this rainy weather. He’s really a bedazzling spark of sunshine, and we’re so lucky to be blessed with a D.O. solo era!

His solo album is probably the best thing to happen in 2021, and we’re DEFINITELY HERE FOR IT!

With main vocals like D.O. serenading us with his talent, we are looking forward to seeing more EXO members displaying their voices as solo artists.

Indeed, they are a talented bunch! We’ll be on the lookout for three more members’ solo debuts, as six of them already released heaven-sent albums. It’s no wonder that EXO remains to be a household name in the KPOP industry. They will actually be celebrating their 10th anniversary next week! As the years go by, EXO continues to be a shining diamond that only gets better.

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