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Comfort food like you’ve never tasted before by the CutieChef

Comfort food like you’ve never tasted before by the CutieChef

Let’s admit it, we’ve been abusing the “place order” button on our food delivery apps more in this quarantine than before. We get it. We need our carbs! And it is in these times that we should give attention to our cravings and guilty pleasures. Such as our love for comfort food.
While scouting online and trying out what small businesses offer, I think we’ve found our top tier comfort food and it’s in the form of chicken nuggets!
Who wouldn’t drool over Cutiechef’s greatest invention, we mean the recipe, to date: The Chix and Chiiz. Yep, it’s a combination of chicken nuggets and layers of cheese and mashed potato under! Talk about all our mouthwatering desires served on one plate!

“The reason our flagship product is Chicken nuggets is because I’m a fan of it. They are not just for kids. Adults deserve them too.”

Chef Karl, who is called by many as the Cutie Chef, learned that there are limited options of chicken nuggets in the market. So he thought of creating his own take on nuggets and did it special way, it’s homemade and not factory-made.

“If you check it out a lot of nuggets are made in factories, not in kitchens. I think this is what separates us from the other nuggets in the market plus we really use real chicken meat.”

Since everything is manual and the process is long and tedious, they grind their own chicken meat then mix them with special spices and seasoning.

“Then we mold each and every single nugget by hand. We put a lot of effort and love into our product to make sure that our product is amazing.”

Their mission is simple: Delivering pleasurable quality products. No less! It is part of his aim to spread fun and happiness through food.

“With our product, hopefully, we can make this world a better place one bite at a time.”

Personally, these products helped the Chef deal with anxiety especially during times when he didn’t know what to do.

“The restaurant I was working in closed. I had so much free time and I didn’t know what to do with my life. By starting this brand I found a way on how to deal with these trying times. The brand/products helped me spark my creativity, find joy in making food again, and be productive in this time of uncertainty.”

Their Homemade Nuggets are available in three packs: 20pcs, 30pcs, and 40pcs ranging from P330-P900. Not bad, because we’ve tasted them and we honestly would be willing to pay more for that goodness!
The bestselling Chix and Chiiz is priced at P425 which can cater to 2-3 people or if you want all for yourself, hey, no judgments! It’s too tasteful to share, actually.
Be sure to check out their Instagram page to get some for you and the gang! You know you want to.
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