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COMEBACK IS REAL: Cinema ’76 Film Society in Anonas Re-Opens!

COMEBACK IS REAL: Cinema ’76 Film Society in Anonas Re-Opens!

Moviegoers, filmmakers, cinephiles, it’s time to rejoice! The pioneering micro-cinema Cinema ’76 Film Society in Anonas has re-opened!

The cinema industry took a massive hit during the pandemic when it stopped operating for almost two years. Consequently, the closure of the cinemas led to the loss of thousands of jobs.

Cinephiles were further disheartened when the first micro-cinema branch in San Juan closed for good last September 15. But all hope is not lost, as Cinema ’76 Film Society focused on serving movie fans in their Anonas QC Branch.

Comeback is REAL

Since October, they have been dropping hints that they would soon be re-opening. For a safe cinema-viewing experience, their cinema personnel had been vaccinated and undergone safety and health training.

More recently, their post on November 2 with the caption “Miss niyo na ba kami, mga bes? #KitakitsSaCinema76” went viral with 6.7K reactions and 760 shares.

Not one to disappoint, Cinema ’76 officially welcomed back Filipino film fans and filmmakers yesterday, November 16. We can now watch movies Black Widow and Dune starting November 17 to 23, for a ticket price of PHP260.

To minimize the risks of coronavirus transmission, Cinema ’76 only allows fully vaccinated people to reserve and purchase tickets.

How to Get Your Tickets in Cinema ’76

The theatre posted a step-by-step instruction yesterday on their Facebook page on how to purchase tickets. As of now, they only accommodate those who made online reservations.

To ensure a slot, customers can reserve by either scanning the QR code or filling up the google form.

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After submitting the form, movie-goers should wait for an email with their total and payment instructions. To confirm your reservation, you should pay within 1 hour and reply with a screenshot of the proof of payment.

Once they send you your e-ticket, you can present it at their ticket booth in Anonas. #KitakitsSaCinema76

For more information, you can visit their social media pages at: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

You can also check out the virtual Cinema ’76 Film Society by clicking HERE.

Location: 3rd Floor Anonas LRT City Center, Aurora Blvd, Quezon City

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