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Liza Soberano drops her ‘Ghoulish & Glam’ party vlog

Liza Soberano drops her ‘Ghoulish & Glam’ party vlog

On Tuesday night, Liza Soberano just dropped her recent #LifeWithLiza vlog highlighting the Ghoulish and Glam-themed Halloween party held last October 31. Together with her boyfriend Enrique Gil, friends, and family, she celebrated the fancy occasion at home in full costume, tons of food, and a lot of fun ahead.

The couple strikingly understood the assignment, perfectly matching with the theme. Liza glowingly dressed up as Cassandra “Cassie” Howard, one of the main characters in the series Euphoria. On the other hand, Enrique channeled his inner villainous side, portraying the Front Man of the sought-after Korean series, Squid Game.

The 23-year old Kapamilya actress revealed that Halloween is one of her favorite holidays. Every year, they make sure to celebrate it and go all out with their stunning looks and aesthetic setups.

She also added a disclaimer. All of the partygoers took all the safety precautions, as each one of the attendees is required to screen with RT-PCR and antigen tests.

As she pointed out,

“Even though the situation in the country has gotten better a bit, we still want to be safe at all times.”

Rocking the vibes of Cassie

Blond hair, sparkling blue gems in the lining of her eyes, and red lips. She’s definitely rocking the sweet and cheeky vibes of Euphoria’s Cassie. What’s more to adore her? She did most of her makeup. Meanwhile, Renz Pangilinan styled her dashing hair.

Screenshot photo from Liza Soberano’s vlog, “Ghoulish & Glam”.

Additionally, she admitted that she got obsessed with the teen drama series, that’s why she chose to dress up as Cassie. Even the setting has Euphoria ambiance, filled with vibrant motifs and stuff.

She also mentioned that everything embellished in the get-together is DIY, except for the costumes. The well-known stylist, Perry Tabora, prepared her dazzling look, as well as Enrique’s dark-themed outfit.

Long-wait is over for LizQuens

For sure, LizQuens are super thrilled finally witnessing the 6-minute vlog. Some are even asking for more scenes as they missed seeing the #LifeWithLiza vlog, after two-month hiatus.

Well, no one can blame them. It’s undeniably fun to see the authenticity of Liza and the magical moments she spends with Enrique. Catching the kilig feels of the couple is a happy pill everyone could wish for.

Last October, the couple also celebrated their 7th anniversary. Stay strong, Liza and Quen. And of course, more quality time and vlogs to come!

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