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Blend.PH gives you convenient ways to borrow and lend money

Blend.PH gives you convenient ways to borrow and lend money

Loans come in all different shapes and sizes. Understanding what loan options are available and what lenders need from you will make it easier to get the money you need. Recently, this has become really important, especially during these challenging times. And, of course, for emergency cases. A loan can also be the answer for your passion project or dream business. One convenient way to loan some cash is through peer-to-peer lending platforms like Blend.PH.

Blend.PH gives you convenient ways to borrow and lend money

Before we delve into the platform, let’s learn more about how peer-to-peer lending works. To put this simply, P2P platforms work like marketplaces. They bring together people or businesses that want to lend money with those that want a loan. This way, borrowers no longer need to go to the banks to get the fund. On the other hand, the lenders will receive interest and get their money back when the borrower repaid the loan.

Under Inclusive Financial Technologies, Blend.PH is an online peer-t0-peer lending platform. It connects borrowers who need access to a financial institution to fund their goals and lenders who want to grow their wealth through intelligible investing. Aside from personal loans, Pinoys can also apply for funding small business ventures and franchises.

Let’s get to know more about the brains behind Blend.PH, starting with its Board of Directors:

Jay Bautista

The CEO/Managing Director of the company has academic backgrounds in Agricultural Business and Management from the University of the Philippines Los Banos. Aside from that, she has earned his expertise in business management and finance with over 25 years of experience.

Ronnie Ong

Currently, he is one of the consultants of the emerging consumer-focused retail company MerryMart. Before that, he used to be the Chief Business Development Adviser of Robinson Supermarket corporation and General Manager of Robinson Handyman Inc.

Marcelino Michael Atanante

Aside from being a board member, he is also a Government Affairs Manager at Cebu Pacific. He promotes the interests of the airline industry, more particularly the interests of the said company.

Francis Angelo Dojolan

He is currently the managing director of Leverage.PH, also known as MicroGroup Lending Corporation. Before that, he became a Financial Solutions Consultant for FWD Life Insurance. He also became the Financial Advisor of SunLife Canada and the Public Relations assistant of Fleishman-Hillard Manila.

Packed with several experience and skills in their respective fields, the Board of Directors are the people behind the brilliant strategy and design of Blend. PH. 

Jay Eloisa Bautista (Blend.PH Business Development Officer)
Jay Eloisa Bautista (Business Development Officer)

Other executives and officers behind Blend.PH include Raymond Pabalan (Chairman of the Management Committee and Data and Logistics Officer), Jay Eloisa Bautista (Business Development Officer), Donamariz de la Cruz (Marketing Officer), Gil Bryan Bunite (Accounting and Finance Officer), and Jaime Occidental (Underwriting Officer).

Borrow conveniently with reasonable interest rates

Blend.PH offers a diverse range of services both to borrowers and lenders. Each of the loan types remains carefully thought out. So, you can achieve the fund you need for your goals. The platform offers Fast Loan, Personal Loan, Franchise Loan, Seafarer Loan, and Salary Loan. Note that they vary in terms of terms, interest rate, and loanable amount.

Payday is still far away but you need to get some cash because of an urgent need?

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Salary Loan can lend you a month’s worth of salary with 3 percent interest. If you need funds for a room renovation, the Fast Loan may be a great option. Specially designed for seafarers, the Seafarer Loan lets them borrow cash with 3.5 percent only.

On the other hand, there are loan options that allow you to get funding for long-term goals like business, education, or travel. Personal Loan lends PHP50,000 to PHP 2M and the interest rate depends on the risk type. The Franchise Loan has the same range of loanable amount, with a 2 percent interest rate.

Why should you start an investment with Blend.PH?

In terms of investment, Blend.PH is also an excellent avenue. By diversifying your assets in this digital platform, you can gain as much as 30 percent of the amount you put in, annually. This is a chance to grow your savings rather than letting them sleep in the bank. Note that there are two types of products for investors: P2P investment and auto-investment arrangement. You can learn more about them by clicking here. Keep in mind that the company is not only about the use of flexible, low-interest loans. It also advocates for responsible borrowing and ethical lending. By investing in Blend.PH, you are helping fellow Filipinos survive or start their own business!

We think that we Filipinos have to look for ways to grow our money or reach our targets. Know more about Blend.PH and financial opportunities by visiting their official website.

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