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Ayn Bernos: The Dream in the Making

Ayn Bernos: The Dream in the Making

A content creator, podcaster, entrepreneur, educator, advocate, and beauty queen. These are just some of the hats or crowns that she proudly wears. She swooned and captured the hearts of many because of the bright smile plastered on her face. The sweetheart is more than just beauty, but also charisma and wisdom. The woman that embodies these characters is Ayn Bernos. Ayn to her spectators but Rousanne in reality.

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Ayn Bernos: The Dream in the Making

Just like most success stories, she first took baby steps to be the Ayn Bernos that we all know and admire today. Ayn is an innate dreamer. It is inherent to her to dream more than once in life. Dreams are her core, her lifeline.

Hypothetically, if life is a deck of cards, she’ll draw the Dream card – considering her nature. A card that enables its user to manipulate their dreams. Also aids its wielder to turn their visions into reality. She will keep this card in good use and be her pedestal. However, the card is just one part of her arsenal.

The woman in charge

Dreams with manifestations are compelling. A formula that Ayn followed to achieve one of her successes. She looked back from the time that she manifested she will be a CEO.

Kept telling herself, “I am not an employee, I’m the CEO”, as some kind of mantra.

The card she holds together with manifestations paved the path she needs to take. From a marketing professional to the CEO of her own company. Her creativity birthed and gave rise to a name that stole the local scene’s attention. Her business, Morena the Label, is a clothing brand that promotes skin and body positivity.

The brand is a firm believer in beauty in diversity. More than just a fashion statement, Morena the Label empowers Filipino men and women to love and embrace their natural kayumangging kaligitan color.

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The thriving clothing brand is just one of Ayn’s feats since she ventured into the online world as well. She established her YouTube channel named Sun-kissed Somewhere back in 2016, where she eventually changed to her own name Ayn Bernos. Her channel already has 126,000 subscribers to this day and counting.

Her pride as a morena reflects these sun-kissed dreams. The company and channel are the fulfillment of these dreams. Dreams that are incarnations and representation of the dreamer herself.

Ayn also made waves on TikTok thanks to her educational videos that demystify unfamiliar English words. Before her educational videos on Tiktok, she truly is an educator at heart because it is in Spain where she first taught English.

If you thought we’ll only witness her wits on YouTube and Tiktok, then you’re mistaken. The CEO and educator also conquered podcasting where she discusses self-love, confidence, success, body image, and a lot more.

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The woman who conquered the universe

Ayn Bernos never fails to set the bar higher. She even added another achievement to an already long list of credentials. Last year, she graced the beauty stage by joining the Miss Universe Philippines 2021.

Her childhood dream to become one of the beauty queens she adored as a kid drove her to join the said pageant. Even though she had formed this dream in her young heart, she knows she is not qualified. Yet, the string of luck came her way and the odds favored her when the height requirement for the pageant was nulled.

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The beauty queen not only represented her home town San Juan City but also those who don’t fit in the conventional beauty standards. Being of average height, she took this as an opportunity rather than a disadvantage. She is living proof that our flaws will never dull our luster.

The woman is an inspiration

As someone who now reaps and enjoys the bounties of her aspirations, she once hoped just like us. Began with only dreams, to begin with, built them from scratches, and became an optimist. Little did she know, she inspires whoever hears her story.

We can learn invaluable lessons from Ayn’s journey. Her experiences teach us how crucial forming dreams is. They are the very foundations of the reality we want to build. Yet, being a visionary is not enough. To live our dreams takes action, hope, and confidence. The process won’t be easy, but it will all be worth it.

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However, this may sound idealistic and far cry from real life. She also has a fair share of heartaches, failures, and criticisms to get her hands on the things she hoped for. Nevertheless, she didn’t falter. Instead, use it to her own advantage.

If the adjective multi-hyphenated has a proper noun as a counterpart, then it would be Ayn Bernos. The dreamer, achiever, and goal-getter. She once dreamed to become what she is today. A dreamer who is not stuck in illusion and fantasy, but rather pours herself out to make it a reality.

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It seemed that she is living under a sky full of stars, hauling each to be her own. Yet, to reach and pull the stars, requires hard work and courage. With aspirations and persistence, she managed to grab the brightest of them all. She radiated the gleam of her own stars to inspire others. She never believes in limits, but rather transcends above all.

With so much that Ayn Bernos has achieved and proven for herself and others, she is deemed to be the ultimate dream. Comparable to a dream, she sparks wonders and possibilities we never knew we had. She is a muse that anyone should emulate and look up to.

Her name serves as a reminder to unravel the dreamer, ambitious in us. In life, we can be whatever we aspired to be, even play multiple roles. As the saying goes, “go big or go home.” And for her, to dream or not to dream.

Does Ayn’s triumph in life motivate you to do more? Learn more about her through this link.

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