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10 female KPOP idols who will convince you to have a short hair

10 female KPOP idols who will convince you to have a short hair

How often have you encountered KPOP-inspired content online? It may be in hobbies, music, trends, or even fashion trends. It’s because a lot of KPOP idols are not just singers, but also trendsetters. Like you, many other individuals also find inspiration in KPOP. Your KPOP bias may also be a sign that it’s time to chop your hair short if you’re looking for one.

With that, here is a list of 10 KPOP female idols who will motivate you to try short hair this time!


The first name on the list is Lisa, the maknae and amazing main dancer of BLACKPINK. Throughout her successful career, Lisa has been recognized for her immovable bangs, but she made a dramatic twist with her sweet and sassy short haircut. Don’t hesitate to give this hairstyle a go!

2. Winter (aespa)

The bob is bobbing! Winter from aespa has shown she can rock a bob cut! Winter continued to be the short-haired girly from Aespa and fell in love with this hairstyle. If you desire a day of little change, you may do the same as she did and put on hair extensions. Any way you look, you’re gorgeous!

3. Eunha (VIVIZ)

This one’s for you if you’re one of those cute gals who wonders if short hair will look good on them. You can tell those cute girls will grow even cuter and get that hottie confidence by glancing at Eunha from VIVIZ. If you want to change something, hairstyle matters as well!

4. Jeongyeon (TWICE)

Her name shouldn’t be left out of a list of short-haired KPOP idols. I vividly recall TWICE Jeongyeon’s lovely short pixie cut from when they were rookies. If you’re hesitant to cut your hair short because you feel it would take away your feminine image, she proved that it won’t.

5. Wendy (Red Velvet)

Get that rizz going, girl! Although Red Velvet’s Wendy is well-recognized for having a carefree attitude, her shaggy and short layered haircut highlighted her cool side. A wise decision if you want to add a little spice to your aesthetic!

6. Hwasa (Mamamoo)

Mamamoo’s Hwasa is known for her stereotype-breaking personality. The decision to cut her hair short at that time was praised by the community. Her blunt, textured hairstyle complements her fierce, mature appearance beautifully. Girl, take your slaying to a higher level by modeling Hwasa’s haircut!

7. Chaewon (LE SSERAFIM)

Chaewon proved that she was indeed fearless and went for a short bob. From fairy-like styling when she was still an IZ*ONE member, to a fierce and bold image when she debuted in LE SSERAFIM, proves that hair makes a lot of difference to your overall aura! 

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8. Ryujin (ITZY)

Ryujin’s short hair won a lot of fans’ hearts back then. Her straight-layered shoulder-length hair gives her an enormous girl crush vibe. With minimal styling, you’d never have a bad hair day! 

9. Yuqi ((G)-idle)

Looking for anime-inspired short hair for a change? Take a look at the Spirited Away-inspired short hair of (G)-idle’s Yuqi. With black straight chin-length cut and straight bangs like Haku, Yuqi entered the list of short-haired KPOP stars.

10. J (STAYC)

Since their debut, STAYC J has slayed with short hair; whether it’s dark, light, or bright colored! Her sleek haircut gives her a sophisticated appearance that suits the shape of her face. If you want a straightforward yet attractive look, choose this haircut!

The list of KPOP idols who will convince you to cut your hair short ends here, but there are still other KPOP girls who rock the short-hair stardom that you can check for inspiration!

With an understanding of your face features and with the confidence to look as good as them, you can (for sure!) slay short hair too! 

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