Experiencing the top five struggles of having long hair

As an owner of long hair, it can feel like both a blessing and a curse. It has its fair share of both pros and cons. However, the struggles outweigh the positive things most of the time.

Experiencing the top five struggles of having long hair

High maintenance

It goes without saying that having long hair means you have to do a lot just to maintain it. You have to have a morning routine, a nighttime routine, and a monthly treatment among others. You also have the hair fall to deal with. Plus, you would need a particular shampoo that your hair is used to. With the variety of shampoo brands out there, that could be quite tough.

Constant entanglement

I think one of the most annoying parts of having long hair is how it’s constantly a tangled mess. This mostly depends on your hair’s biological makeup, though. But for me, it just quickly gets entangled even though I just brushed it five minutes ago. It is very sensitive to windy situations. Just a little blow and the next second, you’d find your appearance witch-like. This is also one of the reasons why it’s high maintenance.

Hard to comb

The fact that it is already entangled constantly, plus how hard it is to comb because of its length? The formula for a nightmare. No amount of arm workouts would accustom your biceps to what it could bring.

High ponytails could also be such a pain

With long hair, there’s just a certain pain and ngalay brought by tying your tresses up in a bun. It gets really tiring at times, not to mention you can’t just do it simply. With your hair length and volume, tying your hair up is no easy feat. It can be very tricky with all the bumps and stick out’s. Then, you’d have to do it over and over if you are opting for that perfect ponytail. Again, I don’t think any amount of arms training could prepare us for the agony this brings!

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The heat!

I cannot stress this enough but with my long hair, I feel like I am always extra tired. Turns out the reason behind this is the heat that this volume brings! With the weather as scorching hot as the Philippines’, I believe every long-haired Filipina must always have a scrunchie with them. Otherwise, they’d have to suffer through higher degrees of Celsius when they have their hair down.

Sure, the long hair could be a perfect complement for OOTDs and just the perfect touch for that IG post.

It could also be really stylish. For me, though? All of those benefits override the struggles. It gets hard enough that I had to summarize it through this post! I still love my long hair, though. That’s how you know you love it – when you’re willing to stick with it despite everything. Tell us your hair struggles, too!

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