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Cafe-408 is your go-to EXO-themed coffee shop in the Metro

Cafe-408 is your go-to EXO-themed coffee shop in the Metro


Fan of EXO and coffee all at the same time? We’ve got the perfect place for you to enjoy your fave caffeine fix and K-pop group. Here’s Cafe-408, a must-go spot for you if you’re an EXO-L who loves drinking coffee!

First EXO-inspired cafe in the Metro

Made possible by EXO and EXO-Ls, the first EXO-inspired Cafe-408 is open for everyone to enjoy. Cafe-408 is located at The Rock, Holy Spirit Drive in Quezon City. The shop is also available for delivery via Grab, just search for Cafe 408 – The Rock Holy Spirit in the app.

They serve their customers with their own specialty coffee and non-caffeine drinks, favorite comfort food, and a variety of baked goods that are perfect for your palate. You may check out their menu below.

What’s more, is that their menu contains EXO-themed drinks specially made for EXO-Ls to make the place a lot closer to the fans’ hearts. So if you’re down for a cup of coffee or an EXO-themed drink and want to try out Chanyeol’s very own tteokbokki recipe, this is your sign to visit Cafe-408!  

The Cafe-408 experience

As an EXO-L myself, of course, I can’t miss out on the chance to visit the place where my co-fans and I can indulge ourselves with our favorite caffeine fix while enjoying the EXO vibe offered by the cafe’s interior. 

The place, upon observing, was actually cozy. And the EXO corner, where the EXO magazines and albums are were pleasing to the eyes. What I love the most in the cafe’s interior is their display of magazines where EXO members became cover models in the past. 

Aside from enjoying the sight of EXO’s paraphernalia displayed in the area along with the aesthetic interior of the place, you also get to listen to your fave K-pop songs in the background. And what’s better than drinking coffee while chatting with your friends? It’s vibing to your favorite K-pop songs while you bond! 

And don’t even get me started with their drinks and food, because it’s absolutely worth it! I tried their Creamy Carbonara and the taste was heavenly. The pasta was cooked just right and the sauce was perfectly made for my appetite! 

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For the drink, their best selling signature drink Cosmic Latte sits right for my tastebuds. The rich, creamy and bittersweet taste blended just about right. I would love to recommend this drink for first-time goers because why not? Cosmic Latte supremacy everyone!

Even if you aren’t a fan of EXO, you would still enjoy visiting the place because Cafe-408 is definitely the vibe.

Cafe-408 is for all K-pop fans and non-fans

You don’t have to be an EXO-L to visit Cafe-408 because they welcome everyone in their space. It doesn’t matter whether you are an EXO-L or a K-pop fan– at Cafe-408, anyone is welcome to enjoy their high-quality drinks, finest baked bread, and savory meals.

Aside from having your favorite cup of Cream Soda at the cafe while catching up with your friends or even doing your own thing for school or work; Cafe-408 also offers its place for K-pop fans who would love to organize cupsleeve events, snack parties, birthday parties or any K-pop related events for the fans to enjoy and get together. 

So whether you’re an EXO-L, K-pop fan or not– don’t miss out on Cafe-408! Add Cafe-408 to your go-to list cafe if you’re in the metro. Treat yourself with their finest drinks and comfort food that are perfectly made for you!

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