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Enter a Fever Dream with TieDiet’s Handmade Tie Dye Pieces

Enter a Fever Dream with TieDiet’s Handmade Tie Dye Pieces

TieDiet creates vibrant pieces of tie-dye clothing and accessories with various collaborations between them and other local artists.

Photo Credits: Instagram/@tiediet

The Tie Dye Revival

TieDiet reimagines tie-dye beyond just t-shirts and hoodies. They create custom pieces that can either be a deconstructed statement piece or a complete ensemble. TieDiet’s inspiration comes from various things, commonly food and nature. The pieces represent deconstructed versions of their inspirations, formless, natural, and one of a kind. Despite all the perceptions about the printing methods of tie-dye, TieDiet remains standing as fewer and fewer people practice the craft.

TieDiet’s Pieces is a Trip to See

The expertise of TieDiet of course revolves around the dying technique of various textiles, like denim, cotton, and sheer fabrics. Their tie-dye ensembles are completely original and captivating. It is comparable to seeing a chemical reaction unfold on a person’s body. TieDiet’s pieces can look like many things, some pieces look like fireworks, some look like seafoam, and some look like geodes printed onto fabric. That’s the beauty with their pieces as nothing ever really looks the same as before. The brand constantly puts out pieces that are unlike the prints and colors they had before. Thus, pushing them further as a fashion brand.

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More to Love from TieDiet

There is always something new to come from TieDiet. It can be a new collaboration in the future or a new set of gag-worthy prints on various pieces. As varied as their pieces are, we can expect that their brand will grow further. Soon available to cater to a wider variety of audiences. Especially now, that more and more prominent names have tapped into their brand for pieces to wear. Seen on stage or just casually. 

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