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Under the Soil: Eco-Friendly Lip Balms From Sultry Cosmetics

Under the Soil: Eco-Friendly Lip Balms From Sultry Cosmetics

Sustainability is no longer about doing less harm but about doing better. Since Sultry Cosmetics started its small business, it had this goal and intention. Its product, lip balms, is said to be an eco-friendly one. Are you ready to find out why?

Under the Soil: Eco-Friendly Lip Balms From Sultry Cosmetics

Have Your Lips Hydrated While Being Sustainable

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Sultry Cosmetics established its shop last year and immediately had good feedback from its first set of customers. Their balms contain natural ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, and coconut oil. These components help create a barrier on the lips to retain moisture. It also makes your lips soft while having healing properties. It also protects your lips from harmful UV rays and has moisturizing and pain-relieving benefits for dry and chapped lips.

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They have balms of two sizes and nine shades you could choose from, making them suitable for all skin tones. But wait, there’s more to this balm! And, that is their packaging!

Balms from Sultry Cosmetics are not like any ordinary lip balm. And if you’re wondering why it’s because the tubes where they pour into the combined ingredients mentioned above are eco-friendly. By eco-friendly, they mean that you could throw it. Not inside the garbage bins but under the soil!

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Leave No Waste To Be Traced

For the disposing process of tubes after use, they recommend that you soak them in a bowl filled with water. Let it remain in the container overnight. When the next day comes, the most satisfying step includes ripping the tube into smaller pieces. That way, it could decompose quickly. Once you’ve finished tearing it up, find soil in your backyard or open space around your neighborhood. Dig a two to three inches deep hole, and you can finally throw in the tube pieces. Cover it back up. And, you’re good to go!

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It may sound like it’s time-consuming to follow the process. However, taking some time to practice sustainability wouldn’t cost much. Sure, speaking up regarding global warming issues is one way of saving the planet. But more than that, we have to act and do something.

Sultry Cosmetics encourages you to have in your pockets their balms and practice sustainability!

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