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#BeyondPRIDE ft. Lourd Ramos in his Prolific Life

#BeyondPRIDE ft. Lourd Ramos in his Prolific Life

Jump on board as the Village Pipol features in their #BeyondPRIDE ‘You Are’ campaign, the one and only Lourd Ramos —The hair stylist, make-up artist, ambassador, model, and finalist at the #CenturyTunaSuperBods exclusively shares his prolific life here in Village Pipol!

Photos by @dix_perez

At a young age, Lourd was exposed to a life that made him aware that it is not a fairytale. Nonetheless, this has not stopped him from pursuing the things he’s passionate about. Hence at the age of 43, he has lived a prolific life.

When asked who his inspirations are he said that it’s his grandparents. And without a pause, he admitted that he is indeed a Lolo and Lola’s boy! He told us that growing up he used to help his grandparents at the wet market to sell vegetables and to act as an accountant. And that made him a business-minded person.

His Journey to Fitness.

They say life starts at 40. Nevertheless, Lourd on the other hand only continued to live life healthier. Generally, people work out for a healthy fit looking body, but for Lourd, it also means feeling good about his body image.

I feel good, I look good, [and] I can wear Size 1. Whatever I wear it’s fab and people notices my skin [is] radiating. I [also] sleep longer and no grumpy day after long hours of work.

Lourd Ramos, 2022
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When asked How did you start your journey to fitness? he said that:

 I began training in boxing and felt good that the body can be reshaped [even] though our skin matures—slowly but surely.

Lourd Ramos, 2022

Starting a journey would never be easy, but it’s our motivation and consistency that leads us to the result we aim for. We have to conquer our bad habits and start doing things that are beneficial for us. One thing we can learn from Lourd and his journey is that It will never be too late to move forward from our current state.

Crossing Barriers at #CenturyTunaSuperBods

Recently, Lourd has joined the country’s most anticipated health and fitness pageant the #CenturyTunaSuperBods. This year they set the theme to “Stay Strong to Love Strong”. Fortunately, Lourd is one of the 16 fit and strong male finalists!

When asked about his experience so far in the pageant, Lourd responded:

This is one amazing journey! It feels like Ms. Universe competing against 6’2 feet tall guys and all muscular chiseled good-looking men in the country. I’m pressured to be at my best.

Lourd Ramos, 2022

He is loud and proud!

On his social media, he’s forthright in waving the rainbow flag for the LGBTQIA+ community in the pageant. And I think we can all agree that representation from the LGBTQIA+ community in this kind of event is pertinent for the youth. Even in Ms. Universe, we had representations of people from the community such as Beatrice Luigi Gomez who is an openly bisexual woman! Pretty amazing right?

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As he represents the LGBTQIA+ community, Lourd aims to amplify the voice of the community and cross barriers of masculinity and femininity.

To deeply relay the message ofWhat An LGBT can do in this kind of Pageantry?’ I’m careful about how we can affect and give a resounding voice. If I can, anyone can at my age of 43! The Advocacy of being Lgbt has broken barriers and crossed boundaries of masculinity and femininity with my representation. I guess anyone now will have the courage to be OUT there! Like me!

Lourd Ramos, 2022

Best of luck, Lourd!

The Category is Rich Aunt in the City!

Aside from being seen in his masculine personality, little did we know that Lourd also displays his inner femininity with his alter ego, Auntie Lulu. When asked about the origin of the persona, Lourd explained that it was his stylist friend who started calling him ‘Lulu’. Eventually, he decided to claim the name and embody it as it sounds “sweet, short, and straightforward”.

With his words, he describes Aunite Lulu as:

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Rich, grumpy, ‘Maldita‘, and class Auntie in the neighborhood who will teach you how to eat caviar and go to the palengke with guards and wears Mark BUMGARNER for the market! 

Lourd Ramos, 2022

(We love a chic and snappy auntie!)

In addition to that, when asked about the inspiration for the look of his quirky drag persona he said:

Just like a female phenomenon! Truly a glamazon.

Live a Purpose-driven Life.

At this point, you’re all probably questioning, what other things can a Lourd Ramos do? Surely he has lived quite a life and there is still more to it other than the things mentioned in the interview. But just like any of us, he must have questioned himself ‘what can I still do?‘. When asked for a piece of advice for the younger generations he said:

Photos by @dix_perez

This is priceless, so I wanna tell the younger gen, to use it [passion] purposively.  Help others, teach others, be the voice, and become a living proof of Inspiration that anyone has its purpose! Be that Purpose!

Lourd Ramos, 2022

From his childhood, journey to fitness, joining the #CenturyTunaSuperBods, and being Auntie Lulu, Indeed Lourd has lived a life. It’s truly inspiring to see someone who is part of the LGBTQIA+ community to be living their life and doing the things they are passionate about. Living is not just existing, I also think it is doing things that we want, it’s doing things for others, being able to lift yourself, and finding your purpose. And that is what Lourd has imparted to us in this interview—To fuel yourself with your passion and live life with purpose.

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