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FRIENDS fans are in for a splurging with this new makeup collection

FRIENDS fans are in for a splurging with this new makeup collection

The time when we will finally get over the hit sitcom ‘Friends’ will never arrive! Am I right, fans? Even decades after, we still are longing for that much-anticipated reunion and while we’re at the waiting game, we just can’t help but surround ourselves with merch to remind us of the fun times Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey, and Ross had.

Global beauty brand Revolution Beauty has first treated us with a makeup collaboration with the iconic TV series a few months ago and fans couldn’t just have enough of it!

It consisted of items inspired by Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe and features a lineup that will help you get glammed up with a 90s aesthetic, including three eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, and glosses, a huge Friends palette, a mirror, cosmetics bags, and adorable scrunchies.

Due to popular demand, they’ve released a new set of collections featuring more products for those who’ve missed its first wave.

According to Revolution Beauty founder Adam Minto in an interview with Allure, “We looked at each character in detail — what they wear, their mannerisms, the makeup they use, the personalities — and started to build from there. The products take on the life of each character in a really immersive way.”

The new drop includes eyeshadow palettes, lip glosses, lip scrubs, bath bombs, depicting some of the Friends’ most memorable moments and symbols such as the taxi cab, the Central Perk coffee cup, and Phoebe Buffay’s lobster.

It’s time to slay like the Friends’ ladies! Check out that to splurge on:

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Photos from: Revolution Beauty’s website.

Fans now have a lot to choose from, or should I say, collect? for their growing rack of memorabilia! Hurry too, much like the first collection (which sold out in less than five hours), these are easily fast going!

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