TechLife grows portfolio to become the ultimate tech companion of students and yuppies

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Starting college in your own dorm or moving into your first condo unit near the office can be exciting and fulfilling. But, it also comes with more tasks and responsibilities. And while independent living can drive you to become more resourceful in making ends meet, there are also tools and tech that can help you along the way.

In support of these pursuits, TechLife provides devices that serve as extensions of users in efficiently accomplishing their day-to-day tasks. It has over 120 concept stores and kiosks nationwide. The relatively young brand provides affordable accessories, appliances, and devices that cater to one’s daily needs. Not only that, but it continues to grow its portfolio.

Users can benefit from hassle-free food preparation with portable blenders, cooking appliances that use up very small spaces, and simple conveniences with power banks and other accessories. As some may already possess cooking skills while others could still be starting out, TechLife offers products which are sure to level up anyone’s culinary game at home.

Level-up your culinary skills with these products

TechLife Air Fryer. A game-changer in quick and easy meal preps, this air fryer has a 3L capacity as well as 3D hot air circulation technology. It allows the heat to spread thoroughly around the food being cooked in its non-stick frying basket and tray. It also has double-knob controls for precision in cooking time and temperature.

TechLife Electric Pot. Having a 1.5L capacity, this wide and portable electric pot makes cooking or boiling efficient with its 360° even heating. It also has two adjustable modes at either 220W or 600W. The material used for this electric pot is non-stick, and it comes with a steamer and tempered glass lid.

TechLife Rice Cooker. With its 1.2L capacity, this portable and compact rice cooker will let you enjoy perfectly cooked rice each time. It even has nine available multi-function cooking modes that vary from cooking rice, porridge, stews, cakes, to simply keeping food warm.

The brand also offers a power bank that is definitely useful on-the-go for anyone:

TechLife Power Bank 10000mAh. This slim and compact portable battery is equipped with two-way 10W fast-charging. Moreover, it supports two input ports that can be charged via micro-USB or type-C. It has two output ports that allow charging of up to two devices at the same time. It also comes with a protective chip that helps avoid overcharge, over-discharge, and short circuits.

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TechLife expands its range of offerings. It aspires to evolve into the foremost tech companion for students and yuppies as they navigate their individual paths to success. For those who are looking to enhance their cooking skills or upgrade their kitchen equipment, exceptional deals and discounts are poised to be available during the TechLife Lazada 9.9 Mega Brands Sale and TechLife Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day. It will happen from September 9-13.

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To make things even more exciting, fans should watch out for Flash Sales on both TechLife Lazada and Shopee official stores as the TechLife 3L Air Fryer can be snatched at only PHP 999 at random periods of times.

On top of this, fans can redeem limited cashback and free shipping vouchers during the TechLife Lazada 9.9 Mega Brands Sale. Meanwhile on the TechLife Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day, fans can also get up to 30% OFF vouchers for a limited time only.

Here’s a quick guide on the TechLife 9.9 Sale offers:

ItemSRP9.9 Discounted Price
TechLife 3L Air FryerPHP 3,499PHP 2,399
TechLife Electric PotPHP 1,799PHP 1,199
TechLife Rice CookerPHP 1,999PHP 999
TechLife Power Bank 10000mAhPHP 799PHP 399

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For more information and updates about TechLife, follow the brand’s official pages on Facebook and TikTok.

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