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Sustainability In Fashion: Why Should You Care?

Sustainability In Fashion: Why Should You Care?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that our world’s current issues, such as climate change, deforestation, and pollution, require immediate action.

Unfortunately, the fashion industry is one of the villains in this scenario. 

Mass-produced clothes use our resources, fill our landfills, and significantly contribute to climate change.

And that’s where sustainable fashion comes in. So what is it, and why should you care?

Sustainability in fashion

The most important thing to understand about sustainable fashion is that it’s not just about packaging or using sustainable materials. 

To be a truly sustainable brand means to be sustainable in every aspect of production and sales. 

That includes sustainable fabrics and materials, fair treatment of the employees, using natural resources responsibly, limiting or eliminating dead stock, and being transparent in all those processes. 

Natural resources 

Did you know that over 90% of materials and resources used in clothing production are virgin (new)? That means we’re constantly making more, using more water, fertilizers, and chemicals that harm the environment and people. 

Water is one of the most precious resources, yet it takes almost 3000 liters to make just one t-shirt! 

Knowing we’re very likely to face water shortages in the future, this fact takes on a whole new meaning.

Using recycled fibers and materials is immensely more sustainable and helps reduce waste, water, and other resource use. 

Organic cotton production is estimated to reduce water use by over 90%. Other good alternatives are linen and hemp. 

Greenhouse gases

The fashion industry is one of the biggest greenhouse gas emitters not just because of the production process but also because so many clothes are made from fossil fuels. That’s right, polyester, nylon, and acrylic are petroleum based! 

Combined with the production process, the energy spent, and emissions, it’s all much more harmful than using natural or recycled finers such as hemp, organic cotton, or linen.

Harmful chemicals

You’d be shocked if you saw someone spill chemical waste in your backyard.  

That’s why the fashion industry is trying to keep its extensive use of chemicals away from everyone. The production process uses almost 8000 harmful chemicals that are linked to illnesses and congenital disabilities. 

Even wearing such clothes can negatively impact our health, causing skin and respiratory issues,

Sustainable fashion means no such chemicals are used in the process. 

Animal rights

It’s hard to hear, but the fashion industry is responsible for killing hundreds of millions of animals annually to produce various items. 

It is entirely unnecessary, especially considering that cruelty-free alternatives exist for everything from fur to leather. 

Sustainable fashion doesn’t use animal products and even keeps inventing new materials such as vegan wool or “leather” from pineapples. 

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Working conditions 

The awful and unacceptable working conditions in so many fashion factories have been the focus of many investigations, yet they still prevail. 

Minimum wages, dangerous working conditions, unfair treatment, and neverending working hours are unfortunately prevalent, especially in the developing world. 

Child labor is also a massive problem, with millions working in garment production. 

Sustainable fashion brands ensure that their employees have safe working conditions, are paid fairly, and never use child labor.

They are also transparent about their practices and never hide the workers’ conditions. 


Last but not least, fast fashion has turned many of us into even bigger consumers. 

With clothes costing as little as a couple of dollars, it’s easy to buy more and wear most items only once or twice. 

Sustainable fashion philosophy helps us re-evaluate this lifestyle and only shop for clothes that are durable and when we need them.

Buying, e.g., v neck t-shirts by Fresh Clean Threads that are of high quality will reduce the need to continue buying new items. 

Our actions can make a difference, and it’s time we unite.

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