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Fashion Runways: Full of Bizarre Clothing

Fashion Runways: Full of Bizarre Clothing

The modern fashion show dates back to the 1860s when fashion designer Charles Frederick Worth used live models instead of mannequins to present his creations in Paris. Since then, fashion runways became events where brands showcase their collections. All brands want to sell their products and runway shows are a great way for them to get exposure and increase brand awareness.

However, why do fashion shows have the weirdest, impractical, and hilariously bizarre-looking clothes?

Bubbles for Clothes?

In 2019 Central Saint Martins graduate Fredrik Tjærandsen showcased colorful bubble outfits.

The show features models inside huge colorful bubbles, some of which when deflated, transforms them into dresses and skirts as the models walk down the runway. This fashion runway collection became a viral sensation around the world because of its bizarre look and the uniqueness of the idea.


Fashion creators were always trying to find the strangest and most original expressions and new ways to shock the public. The truth is that most of the crazy outfits you see have one real purpose- relatively cheap advertising. If these fashion runways are presenting normal clothing otherwise it will be boring. Featuring unbelievable weird pieces is a perfect way to help the brand build its popularity in the public to get more recognized and popular.

The advertisers use the Avant-garde persuasion technique to make it seem that the product is so new that you will be the first one to have it. These are the clothes you see on runways. The bizarre avant-garde runway productions are nothing more than a piece of art to be observed.

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