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How to make fast fashion last?

How to make fast fashion last?

Cheap but stylish. Those two words define fast fashion in a nutshell. But, for a fashion movement strongly based on current and ever-changing trends, how can we make it last longer and more sustainable? With that said, we should follow a few tips on how to make fast fashion remain timeless.

The advent of online shopping platforms became the gateway for the fast fashion industry to continue to bloom incessantly. Its reception from consumers has continued to grow. Although it remains both practical and affordable to most people, its downside destroys us all the same.

The fast fashion industry has become the biggest solid waste contributor in the world.

According to Sustainability PH, over the past decade, clothing sales is increasing exponentially each year. Meanwhile, clothing utilization continues to decline worldwide. In the Philippines, 29% of Filipinos throw away their garments just after single use while millennials buy more than 50% of the new clothes they own each year. With such an insane percentage, it is no wonder why the fast fashion industry and its consumers have failed in sustainability.

So, how can we make fast fashion products last?

Research and choose.

If you are one who’s really into fashion, you’d love to research fashion inspirations throughout the ages. Besides, mainstream trends also get inspiration from old fashion movements such as the Y2K and the western Victorian styles. These old trends are being incorporated with modern styles and settings and you have the power to own them.

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How to choose timeless pieces?

The key to a timeless and easy-to-style piece is *drum roll* minimalism. Minimal fashion pieces give you the liberty to maximize your potential in making a statement. You know, as they say, less is more. With the right combinations, you will be able to create your own variation of whichever style it is that you want to rock. For example, a plain black pair of pants can go a long way. With this, you can style it for dark academia outfits, Y2K styles if you just add a bit more accessories, and you can even wear it to work or school.

How to care for clothes made with cheaper fabrics?

Fast fashion is relatively cheaper than sustainable brands because it uses cheaper materials. But even if it is not made of expensive fabrics, it can still last long with proper care. Think of every piece of your clothing as your most prized possession. This will help remind you to take better care of your clothes.

Start with the basics:

Sort it out!

Sorting clothes when washing will keep them from potential damage such as discoloration. Sorting clothes by color will only take a few minutes of your time, too!

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Read clothing labels, if any.

We often disregard these labels inside our shirts and just wash them however we want. But these clothing labels will tell you how to properly care for your clothes.

Use good products.

The products you use to wash your clothes actually play a huge role in maintaining their quality. Using fabric conditioners and mild detergents will help prevent any damage to your clothes. It is also worth noting that different types of fabric may require different products of washing techniques so be sure to check it before washing any delicate clothes!


Clothes may not be alive but it has to die at some point. But that shouldn’t be the end of it. If it is no longer wearable, it may still serve some purpose. Repurposing clothes will help conserve sustainability as it furthers their usage instead of just throwing them away instantly. With a bit of effort and creativity, old clothes may be recycled into rugs or mats for your home.

And, that’s it! Quite easy, right?

Following these steps will make fast fashion an investment. Contrary to the common belief that fast fashion is a liability. Surely, sustainability is important but we must also take into account that fast fashion is patronized because it is what most people can afford.

Practicing sustainability in our own little ways will still go a long way.

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