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All about Linen: Where to buy it on Instagram

All about Linen: Where to buy it on Instagram

Recently, linen clothing has been gaining traction in the fashion industry. It’s a textile made from the flax plant’s fibers which is a sustainable material. At the same time, linen is breathable, soft, comfortable, light, and airy. Hence, many clothing brands prefer linen as their fabric to promote environmentally friendly and socially responsible clothing pieces. Although it’s a bit expensive, people still choose linen because of its quality, durability, and sustainability. 

Here are 6 Instagram local shops where you can find linen clothing pieces


This small business owned by a student named Maia aims to promote sustainable, inclusive, and local fashion. It works on a pre-order basis to ensure the quality of every piece. They offer a wide selection of linen tops, bottoms, and dresses. So, make sure to check out their Instagram page to know the latest announcements of their batch cut-off dates. 


This shop also offers cute linen dresses, tops, bottoms, and co-ords. You can check out their Instagram page in the meantime while waiting for their website. They have a very good way to feature their products – clean, high quality, and aesthetically pleasing.


This local brand aims to provide comfortable, high-quality, and timeless linen pieces. They offer simple yet stylish tops, bottoms, dresses, and jumpsuits. Aside from clothes, they also have their swimwear line which is cute and perfect for your beach trips.


This Instragram-exclusive sustainable shop offers premium linen apparel. From tops, bottoms, and dresses, they have them in their collection. Plus they were even featured in the 2022 Kapamilya Channel romantic comedy TV series, Too Good To Be True.

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Lema offers ready-to-wear linen pieces. They have co-ords, dresses, shorts, and a lot more! They are Manila-based but can cater to worldwide shipping. So, if you’re in another country and want to add linen pieces to your wardrobe, put Lema on your list!


This Instagram shop offers made-to-measure and customizable clothing pieces. They have their Lazada account as well. Aside from their online platforms, you can also check them out personally in Retail Lab x Flair located in Powerplant Mall, Makati City. This is perfect for all people who prefer buying clothes physically.

Are you also into linen clothing lately? Well, definitely add these shops to your list!

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