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Jeorella’s Awesome Fits Wearing Fashion Nova

Jeorella’s Awesome Fits Wearing Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova is one of the top online fashion stores. And a lot of women, especially in Europe wears Fashion Nova as it gives affordable and quality clothing that is perfect for all season. Though it is not that known here in our country. Because we do have a much more affordable clothing store online. But have you been curious about what Fashion Nova offers? Well, here we have a Vlogger and a content creator, Jeorella with her awesome fits wearing Fashion Nova.

Let’s see how she slayed every outfit of hers wearing Fashion Nova clothes.

Jeorella’s Fashion Nova Outfits

Outfit #1

Alright, I’m obsessed with this look! She’s serving! Wearing a fur coat, brown deep v loose neckline, khaki cargo pants, and sneakers, Jeorealla looks so fine and hot in this fit!

Outfit #2

All for the comfiness. This look is very cozy, as the oversized sweater looks like it has some good comfy material. With black boots, it’s perfect!

Outfit #3

Serving once again! This whole look is stunning. She’s wearing a sexy black bodysuit, black trousers with a cool belt, heels, a bracelet, and a mini bag. Love how her hair looks. It matches the whole vibe of the outfit.


You can’t tell me that a bikini doesn’t look good styling with pants, because look at this. Jeorella’s wearing a white bikini and styling it with a mock neck bodysuit, cargo carpenter pants, and Air Jordan sneakers. Girl got the drip!

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Outfit #5

Blackpink in your outfit! Wearing a tiger on the coast color block top, and chain of command straight-leg jeans, she looks so fine!

Outfit #6

Streetwear superior. Looking dope, Jeorella is wearing a black and brown varsity jacket, a black bikini top, black and brown cargo pants, and Air Jordan sneakers. Perfect street-style fit!

Outfit #7

She did it again. Slaying after slaying! This look is on fire! Wearing an asymmetrical top, faux leather stacked pants, heels, and that hairstyle, Jeorella ate and left no crumbs. She confidently shows her awesome fashion sense with Fashionova outfits.

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