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Styling Six of The Fashion Color Trends of 2023

Styling Six of The Fashion Color Trends of 2023

Experts have finally revealed the fashion color trends of 2023. From earthy tones to vivid hues, the range of colors rivals any artist’s palette. These colors came from runways which play a big role in influencing the colors that continue to trickle down into stores. Styling them is easy enough for monochromatic outfits, classy attires, and edgy apparel among others. But, of course, in a more wearable way.


Viva Magenta is the Pantone color of 2023. It is a deep, pinkish-red shade. Described as a powerful and empowering hue, it is also the color of creativity, kindness, and independence. Although it didn’t overwhelm the fashion runways, it has become a go-to shade for grand dresses and pretty skirts. Think of the color as a grown-up older sister of the fuschia trend. 


Burnt orange shades connotate creativity, sensuality, and abundance. Designers sent the shades down the fashion runway perfect for hot days on the beach and tropical nights out. However, we can style them in an edgier way with an oversized leather blazer, combat boots, and a pair of sunglasses. You can always pair it with gold accessories, too!


The olive green pairs well with other earthy tones. Aside from that, the colors evoke peace and harmony. Although it is usually associated with casual clothing, designers sent this color on the fashion runways with elegant and trendy pieces. Styling this would be easy enough, especially if it’s in skirt form. You can just wear it with a half-opened oversized white button-up and pair the outfit with gold accessories. Then, complete the entire outfit with a brown leather bag, brown sunglasses, and brown cowboy boots. 


Although fuschia is still “in,” the fashion color trend of 2023 revolves around pink being paler and more subdued. The soft and feminine pink has made a comeback. It is affiliated with love, nurturing, and self-care which is definitely a much-need in this healing year. And, of course, it just doesn’t come in for pretty dresses. The color also comes in a more structured look, like a monochromatic pale pink suit. 

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Blue is starting to enjoy a resurgence. These blues range from pastel shades to azure to turquoise. It adds a calm feel to the outfit. Aside from that, the color also has a certain vitality and freshness to it. Designers have even sent this color down the fashion runway as the easiest shade to wear. You can style them in a trendy way with a chiffon top, a knee-length silk skirt, and a pair of white boots. Then, add silver accessories, white sunglasses, and a ruched purse. 


Mocha brown is a definite eye-catcher for any piece of clothing. It can be in a form of a dress, a pair of trousers, a coat, or some shoes. It’s a great alternative for the black and white piece that you normally reach for. Plus, you can style a matching ribbed knit flared pants and cardigan with gold accessories, a white purse, white sunglasses, and a pair of white sneakers. 

Which colors did you like the most? Let us know!

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