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Ben&Ben songs that you should add to your playlist

Ben&Ben songs that you should add to your playlist

Some of the most popular songs in the country come from the playlist of folk-pop band Ben&Ben. Hearing their songs will bring you to reality and sanity. No one can’t deny how good they are, for they proved it beyond doubt on every song they have released.

Here are some Ben&Ben songs that I love to play all over again. Add them to your playlist and you mind find yourself vibing in a state of sound mind.

1. Maybe the Night

Moon has never glowed this color
Hearts have never been this close
I have never been more certain
I will love you ’til we’re old

Ben&Ben revealed how the song was shaped from the word ‘stillness.’ “Maybe the Night” sings about those special moments you spend with your loved ones that you want to capture and pause.

Then, you realize how happy, special, and genuine your feelings are, until you get back to reality, play it over again and enjoy the period of time.

2. Araw-Araw

Pipiliin ka sa araw-araw

On the other hand, this song pertains to someone you truly love and will keep on choosing every single day. No matter how perfectly imperfect the person may be and whatever the situation you are in, you still choose that someone over and over. Upon giving this a hear, you will see how sincere and deep this song of Ben&Ben is.

3. Kathang Isip

Pasensya ka na sa mga kathang isip kong ito
Wari’y dala lang ng pagmamahal sa iyo
Ako’y gigising na sa panaginip kong ito

This next song of Ben&Ben tells the story of unrequited love. Perhaps, everyone can relate to this song and have someone on your mind that you just can’t stop admiring and loving.

4. Sa Susunod Na Habang Buhay

Hindi ba pangako mo nu’ng una, tiwala’y iingatan?
Baka naman, sa susunod na habang-buhay

Another heartbreaking song that focuses on an unhealed wound you never knew was there in your heart. Moreover, the song implies all the broken things you got over someone you love. Yet, you still choose them even if it means waiting for them in another life.

5. Pasalubong

‘Di ko alam
Kung may pag-asa pa sayo, nalilito
O, malay natin, pareho lang tayong natatakot,

Lastly, this song of Ben&Ben features Moira Dela Torre. Pasalubong refers to the gifts or souvenirs you receive and can also mean ‘to meet.’ They sang about how it’s the simplest way of telling someone you like them, the risk you’ll take of saying what you truly feel for someone.

Which one is your favorite?

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