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10 Classical Music Pieces for Metalheads

10 Classical Music Pieces for Metalheads

It might sound a little strange to find classical music and metal music on the same plate. But trust me, metal music is not all about the screams and growls and satanic rituals – oops, just kidding. And of course, classical music isn’t just Canon in D you hear at every wedding ceremony or Beethoven’s infamous eerie masterpiece Fur Elise. Classical music is more than just the mainstream ones we know of.

Classical music can go hard as well. And when I say hard, I mean you’d find yourself banging your head to the rhythm as you would to your favorite heavy metal songs. Here you’ll find a list of classical music for metalheads, curated by yours truly. And you could trust me on this as I am a fellow sucker for both genres. *winks*

10 Classical Music Pieces for Metalheads

1. Vivaldi Summer 3 – Recomposed by Max Richter

Here you will be surprised by a master rendition of one of the greatest baroque masterpieces of all time – Vivaldi’s Summer Presto. Max Richter took the liberty to apply his genius to making what already seemed to be a perfect piece in its own way even better. You can imagine Richter devoting his entire soul into a piece like it is his own. This piece is peak metal and would certainly be enjoyed even by the members of the trve kvlt community. That’s just how hard it goes!

2. Six moments musicaux, Op. 16: No. 4, Presto by Sergei Rachmaninoff

Sergei Rachmaninoff’s music is already known for having madness entwined into it. This piano piece is insane from start to finish. You could feel emotions overflowing through the keys, estranging Rachmaninoff from his soul as it devours every tune he creates with the piano. In the span of 3 minutes, it will get you into a wild ride of emotions. Definitely fit for metalheads in for a musical ecstasy.

3. Romeo and Juliet, Op. 64 / Act 1: Dance of the Knights by Sergei Prokofiev

This piece may already sound familiar to you as it sounds a lot like that one Star Wars soundtrack. But the entire track is more than just a popular tune! In this piece, Prokofiev takes you on an adventure through the calm and the storm. It will disturb you and calm you down during the entire scene.

4. Symphony No. 25 in G Minor, K. 183: I. Allegro con brio by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

An absolute banger. Mozart really popped off on this one. This piece is a whole metal experience. The orchestra almost sounds like a full metal band performing live on stage and giving it their all as the pit below them goes crazy. A metalhead essential would be the best way to describe this one.

5. Transcendental Etudes, S. 139: No. 4, Mazeppa by Franz Liszt

Imagine a night of horror and thriller, one of the many famous themes in the metal genre. This Franz Liszt piece will put you through an intense experience of melodic madness. It is a 7-minute long journey, going back and forth between serenity and insanity – not literally, of course, but you get the point.

6. Violin Concerto No. 1 in A Minor, BMV 1041: I. Allegro moderato by Johann Sebastian Bach

The harmony in this piece was crafted to perfection. Although this may be described as a calm baroque entry, I did not hesitate one bit to add it to the list as it screams musical freedom, much like any metal song in your playlist.

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7. Samson et Delila, Op. 47. R. 288 / Act 3: Bacchanale by Camille Saint-Saëns

Another one from the Romantics. This Saint-Saëns grandeur will keep your blood rushing furiously in your veins as you go along its adrenaline-inducing tunes.

8. Der Erlkönig – Grand Caprice, Op. 26 by Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst

Described as one of the hardest pieces to play on the violin, even by known virtuosos. It is no wonder why it has made the list. This piece is unique and ridiculous in the sense that the sensation it gives off is a clear display of hysteria. Its unstable tunes make it similar to metal music dynamics.

9. Symphony No. 9 in E Minor, Op. 95, B. 178, “From the New World”: IV. Allegro con fucco by Antonin Dvoŕák

Never harder, never better. This Dvoŕák extravaganza knows no chill. Follow along with the heavy melodies throughout this entire 11-minute-long masterpiece. Seems long enough right? But I assure you, you can never get enough of this one.

10. Requiem: II. Dies irae “Dies irae” by Giuseppe Verdi

Save the best for last, of course. This piece is the hardest one on this list. A full-blown orchestra and opera that will blow you away with its chilling harmony. The voices scream power and the symphony of the instruments perfected its heavy musical dynamic. I get goosebumps all over every time this song comes in.

It is a very common perception that some people may find classical music boring or way too behind in the ever-evolving music industry. But in reality, classical music may have everything for you. Be it the slow melodic tunes you listen to when you study, or the heavy harmonics for when you want to release some steam off. It is all about discovering the perfect one that would suit your unique taste and you have all the freedom in the world to do that. As John Keats says, “Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter. Therefore, ye soft pipes, play on.”

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