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Zack Tabudlo releases the official music video of ‘Hindi Ko Kaya’

Zack Tabudlo releases the official music video of ‘Hindi Ko Kaya’

Zack Tabudlo recently released the official music video of Hindi Ko Kaya on his YouTube channel. The singer and songwriter had dominated the local and international charts. Especially with his blockbuster music Binibini and the comeback success of Nangangamba. Both songs have charted on Spotify Top 50 and Viral charts. Binibini, on the other hand, peaked at no.1 on Global and Philippines viral charts. Aside from that, its music video also gathered 20 million views.

Now, Tabudlo sets to make a comeback after Hindi Ko Kaya ranked no. 20 on the music charts the previous days of premiere. Garnering more than hundreds of views and thousands of likes as of this moment.

Zack Tabudlo releases the official music video of Hindi Ko Kaya

Moreover, Tabudlo stated the story behind the song after releasing the single last May 14.

“Hindi Ko Kaya is about the realization of how much you miss love—the intimacy, the sacrifices, and the memories that you’ve shared together as a couple… but then you realize that you can’t live without the person anymore. It’s too late to bring everything back.”

Furthermore, Tabudlo expressed his gratitude towards the people who made the music video possible. He appreciates everyone behind the project on his Twitter account.

The actors and the director of the music video had also promoted the song. All of them retweeted Tabudlo’s posts to show their support. Charlie Dizon also thanked the singer on her Twitter account. Meanwhile, Paulo Avelino tweeted and shared the link to the music video.

My perception after watching the MV

After watching the music video, I loved how the actors portrayed their characters perfectly. The song is more likely the typical story of The One that Got Away. However, I liked how they show realistic scenarios. Seeing Avelino and Dizon together reunite in one music video will give you a spark of ‘kilig.’

Starring the cast of Fan Girl, Paulo Avelino and Charlie Dizon. Directed by Antoinette Jadaone and produced by Geo Lumantad and Islands Records Philippines.

Stream it on Spotify, Deezer, and YouTube Music!

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