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Panasonic showcases mom’s superpower of care, healing, and protection

Panasonic showcases mom’s superpower of care, healing, and protection

It’s no secret: superheroes came alive in the form of our moms. And, Panasonic dedicates to showcase their superpowers. By definition, a superhero remains a gallant character possessing remarkable talents or extraordinary powers. They dedicate to helping and protecting people. However, unlike the beloved fictional comic book characters, moms have become real-life superpowers. And, yet their powers often go unnoticed. Moms are the unsung heroes. Moms give us life, ensure our safety, and nurture us. They are our teachers, disciplinarians, chefs, carers, and playmates all rolled into one. 

Panasonic showcases mom’s superpower of care, healing, and protection

Power of Healing and Nourishment

A simple cut or a bruised knee. Every mother knows exactly how to take care of that. From tender kisses and warm cuddles to more medical treatments, moms also have their ways to make the pain go away. They know how to bring down fevers. Perhaps with a warm and hearty soup. Or fill you up with fresh and nutritious food to keep your immune system strong. Indeed, serving delicious and nutritious dishes to their families is often a top priority for moms.

To help moms in their quest to nourish their families, Panasonic created refrigerators with Prime Fresh+ Freezing. Meat and seafood are stored at the ideal temperature of -3°C. At this temperature, food also remains fresh for up to 7 days. Plus, nutrients and flavors are kept intact as they are not frozen rock solid. On top of this, since food has become only softly frozen, moms can skip defrosting the meat or seafood, and jump right into cooking delicious and nutritious dishes for their families. 

Power of Protection

Moms can sense danger. Call it a sixth sense or hyper-awareness. However, they often know everything going on around them, and can quickly pick up on small hints of threats. With their cat-like superhuman reflexes, they can save their kids from toppling out of cribs, falling off benches, and slipping on playground equipment. Handling everyday dangers show the great power of protection in every supermom. But not all dangers can be seen or as easily avoided— like invisible bacteria and viruses in the air. 

Because of this, Panasonic created air conditioners with nanoe™ X. This helps inhibit airborne and adhered harmful substances. Of course, such as bacteria, viruses, mold, pollen, and allergens. In fact, nanoe™ X inhibits 99.7% of the novel coronavirus in a 6.7m3 space in the span of 24 hours— certified by Texcell, a French global contract research organization. When the released nanoe™ X particles reach the virus, hydroxyl radicals take away the hydrogen from the protein in the envelope. And, the virus is inhibited. On top of these, nanoe™ X also deodorizes foul odors and moisturizes skin and hair. Now that’s a worthy partner to moms!

Facing the New World

Moms truly became the superheroes of our lives who need more appreciation. They have also continually inspired us to be better every day with their undying love and never-ending support for us. Meanwhile, the future might still be a bit uncertain because of the ongoing pandemic, we can feel more assured by knowing for sure that moms’ care will never fade. 

Let’s celebrate a #MaalagangSummer with the real superheroes of today, our moms. And, learn more about how Panasonic appliances help moms care.

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