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Microsoft angers IT admins by forcing Outlook and Teams to ignore set default browsers

Microsoft angers IT admins by forcing Outlook and Teams to ignore set default browsers

Microsoft Edge is undeniably a reliable browser, but using competitors like Chrome and Firefox can be considered very tiresome. Notice how Microsoft tries to forcefully push itself into our lives? Well, tech-wise, at least.

Admins have now been notified by Microsoft that Outlook and Teams will ignore Windows’ default web browser and open links in Microsoft Edge instead.

Users on Reddit have posted messages from the Microsoft 365 admin center that reveal how this change will be implemented.

Although this won’t change Windows’ default browser settings, this is yet another aspect of Windows and 365 that neglects the default browser. You can already do this with Windows 11’s Widgets system and even the search experience, where you’re forced to use Edge even if you’ve set up another browser.

There are many IT admins complaining in various threads on Reddit, spotted by Neowin. If Outlook wasn’t enough, Microsoft promises “a similar experience will arrive in Teams” soon with web links from chats opening in Microsoft Edge together.

Apparently, Microsoft is rolling this out gradually across all the 365 users, and IT admins will be notified 30 days in advance.

A lot of small businesses will have to work out what changes happened because they won’t have the ability to alter their policies through Microsoft 365 Enterprise.

When you click a link in Outlook, and it doesn’t open in your usual browser, it makes you think you have lost all your favorites.

Microsoft sent notifications to IT admins just weeks after promising significant changes to how Windows handles how certain files and links are opened automatically.

When Microsoft made the statement, it stated that “we should ensure that user choices are respected” and “we should set a good example through our first-party products.”

A similar experiment was conducted by the company in 2018, with the intention of forcing people to use Edge for email links. However, this experiment was never implemented due to a backlash from Windows 10 testers.

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Furthermore, Windows 11 launched with a questionable process for setting default apps, which is contrary to Windows 10 and has raised concerns from competitors such as Mozilla, Opera, and Vivaldi.

The Windows 11 update improved that process, but Microsoft still seems to favor circumventing default browsers.

To force people to use its search engine, Microsoft uses aggressive prompts to discourage users from using Chrome, as well as adding a huge Bing button to Edge.

A recent addition to Edge Dev shows a prompt when you try to use Google’s rival Bard AI chatbot. The tech company has also faced criticism for adding buy now, pay later financing options into Edge and its plans to build a crypto wallet into Edge.

By pushing Edge relentlessly, including through Windows Update, Microsoft may end up alienating its Edge users rather than luring them over from Chrome.

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