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Lace, For Men? Monohomme Studios show that it is not that odd.

Lace, For Men? Monohomme Studios show that it is not that odd.

Monohomme Studios is the blooming fashion brand that definitely will entrance you with its ethereal menswear pieces embellished with intricate design

Mikayl Trinidad, designer, founder of Monohomme Studios

Photo Credits: Facebook/Monohomme Studios

Monohomme Studios is a fairly new fashion brand by designer Mikayl Trinidad. Monohomme uses menswear as an inspiration to develop its designs for everyone. Therefore, the results are tailored pieces that make a bold statement no matter who wears them. From their jackets, vests, polos, and pants, the brand’s most beloved products are their made-to-order button-down shirts made with intricately designed lace, especially. Monohomme Studios, is a queer-owned small business creating one-of-a-kind outfits reimagining what menswear means to people. With pieces embellished with elements not necessarily seen in other menswear collections for instance.


Eventually, Monohomme released their Pagsibol Collection just this year. Button-down shirts comprise the menswear collection. However, this season, bridal lace stars in the ensemble. One at a time, the Pagsibol pieces came out, likely following the narrative of the growth of flowers. Eventually, blossoming into an extravagant arrangement of different forms. The Pagsibol Collection currently has 5 pieces that are nothing short of dazzling. Sequins, beads, and florals decorate the designs all over, exuding glamour and luminance.

The Stars Agree

Monohomme already gained support from various personalities. Singer, KZ Tandingan wore the Pink Revolution ensemble of Monohomme recently. The outfit is a bright pink jacket and pants, with exposed contrast stitching and oversized pockets. Similarly, Arthur Nery recently wore Monohomme Studios at the Aurora Music Festival. Arthur’s outfit is a custom Monohomme Color-Block overshirt. The overshirt comes with symmetrical panels that interchange after every seam.

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In conclusion, it’s not every day that you see a menswear brand that challenges menswear in creating designs that blend delicateness and structure. Monohomme made it their game and we can’t wait for more future releases. We will have this brand in our closet. When we want to amp up the sparkle certainly, Monohomme Studios will be there

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