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Incantation is the latest bone-chilling horror you need to see

Incantation is the latest bone-chilling horror you need to see

Directed by Kevin Ko, Incantation is the latest entry to the found footage sub-genre, reminiscent of Paranormal Activity, and The Blair Witch Project.


Incantation is the latest bone-chilling horror you need to see

Found footage is back.

I vividly remember the years when Paranormal Activity and The Blair Witch Project dominated the horror hype. It birthed a whole generation of films that brought a different fear to its audience. For instance, we can recall how much we all wanted to capture something on video ourselves. We played ghost hunting with our friends in the dark hours of the night. It’s also the reason why we watch a lot of ghost-hunting-centric YouTube videos. At this time, seeing a film of the same caliber brings back the same fear. However, the fear heightened with the accompaniment of disturbing imagery and vague visuals that enable the fear of the unseen.

Incantation leads you into a different type of fear.

Incantation centers around Ronan, in two different time periods. Six years prior to the present events, Ronan and his friends started a project to debunk superstitious myths. They encountered a cave shut off by a cult that serves an enigmatic deity. Just like any reckless young group of friends, no one heeded the warning. Undoubtedly their actions had harrowing consequences.

Six years later Ronan is getting custody of her child, Dodo whom she was carrying six years ago. Unfortunately, the events that took place in Incantation on that horrific night also took hold of Dodo. Now Ronan is in a race against time to save her daughter. As she relives the traumatic night that turned her world upside down 6 years ago.

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Horror nights will never be the same.

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The thing that makes Incantation special is its ingenious use of switching between first-person and third-person perspectives. The found footage surely takes you with Ronan as she discovers the harrowing secrets of her story. Then the cuts to the third-person view enwrap you as an audience in the emotional bond between Ronan and Dodo. It might be confusing to the untrained eye but horror fans love to nitpick small details. Undoubtedly, this method surely gives so much for the eye to see. For instance, as Ronan breaks the fourth wall by her communicating with the audience, she brings us to the same set of Incantation. The terrifying setting takes us into the story as well. Plus, the way the story is tied up in the ending is definitely unexpected, and downright terrifying. It will keep you awake.

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