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Honkai Star Rail: The Best Light Cones for Luocha

Honkai Star Rail: The Best Light Cones for Luocha

Luocha, a 5-star Imaginary character in Honkai Star Rail during the second half of Patch 1.1. As a mysterious figure carrying a coffin, Luocha stands out as one of the game’s valuable healers. 

Luocha is a formidable support character. He excels in providing exceptional healing abilities that scale with his attack power. Additionally, Luocha possesses the potential to unleash significant imaginary damage, making him a versatile asset in combat. His ultimate ability to remove buffs from enemies proves to be an invaluable tool, adding to his overall effectiveness in battles.

What are Light Cones in Honkai Star Rail

Light Cones are items that characters can equip in order to enhance their Base HP, Base ATK, and Base DEF attributes. Additionally, they provide a passive ability to characters who share the same Path as the Light Cone.

In Honkai Star Rail, the rarities of light cones range from 3 stars to 5 stars. Remember to always check if the light cone you are using follows the same path as the character you want to use them on.

Just like characters, Light Cones also possess levels that span from 1 to 80. They can be upgraded and ascended, which leads to an increase in the stat bonuses they provide to the character they are equipped with. Leveling up and ascending a Light Cone enhances its effectiveness. 

What’s the best Honkai Star Rail Luocha light cone?

Luocha’s own five-star light cone is known as Echoes of the Coffin.  This light cone amplifies his attack, resulting in enhanced healing capabilities and providing beneficial buffs to his entire team. However, acquiring this coveted item can prove challenging as it is a five-star gacha pull, requiring some luck and persistence to obtain.

At Superimposition 1 it increases the ATK of the wearer by 20%. After the wearer uses Ultimate, all allies gain 16 Speed for 1 turn. Additionally, for each different target the wearer attacks, it recovers 5 Energy. Each attack can recover Energy a maximum of 3 time (s).

The light cone “Echoes of the Coffin” can be obtained through the gacha which pretty much decreases the chances for everybody to get it. So be sure to save your stellar jades and manage your resources very well!

Since not all users are able to do this, especially for free-to-play players.

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Here are some of the recommended four-star light cones for Luocha in Honkai Star Rail:

Perfect Timing– is an excellent choice as it significantly enhances Luocha’s effect resistance and amplifies his outgoing healing abilities. This is also obtainable through Warp.  This Increases the equipping character’s effect resistance by 16 percent and increases their outgoing healing by 33 percent of their total effect resistance. The equipping character’s outgoing healing can be raised by up to 15 percent through this effect.

Shared Feeling– Another good option would be this light cone. This is good if you have an energy-demanding team that thrives on utilizing their ultimate abilities more frequently. It allows him to regenerate his allies’ Energy. This light cone increases the equipping character’s outgoing healing by 10 percent. Additionally, after the equipping character uses a skill, they then generate two energy for each of their allies. 

Quid Pro Quo – Not the best choice but this will help Luocha be an ult-battery to your team. If players don’t have any available choices, this can be a decent light cone for Luocha until they can get something better. At the start of the wearer’s turn, regenerates 8/10/12/14/16 Energy for a randomly chosen ally (excluding the wearer) whose current Energy is lower than 50%.

If you are one of the lucky ones who got Luocha, remind that it’s best to build around his ATK as that is where scales off his healing. However, it’s also it’s worth considering that he may not be the optimal choice for every player, especially if you have two healers already. Have fun, trailblazers!

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