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David Guison: The Stage Boyfriend We Wish We Have

David Guison: The Stage Boyfriend We Wish We Have

Many people know David Guison for his trendy fashion social media content but for the past few months, netizens are raving about how he shows his support to his girlfriend, Angelique Manto. Angelique Manto, David’s girlfriend, is the representative of Pampanga for this year’s Miss Universe Philippines. 

David Guison: The Stage Boyfriend We Wish We Have

David Guison has definitely captured the hearts of many Filipinos not just with his fashion and lifestyle content but with his unwavering support for his girlfriend too. As Angelique Manto competes in Miss Universe Philippines, David has become the ultimate stage boyfriend that many people wish they had. 

@davidguison i’m so proud 🥹🥹🥹 @angeliquemanto ♬ cardigan – Taylor Swift

And for many, what David is doing, is definitely not just the bare minimum. In fact, netizens are gushing about how he hypes Angelique and how he never fails to show up for her. Listed in this article are the reasons why netizens are silently hoping to have their own David Guison in their lives!

Bebu’s Personal Assistant

@davidguison a day in my life as a social media manager, driver, photographer of @angeliquemanto 😂😂😂 #MUPH #okadamanila #angeliquemanto #davidguison ♬ Twin Me – Get Mi

David has been present at every event and appearance that Manto has had and not just simply as a supporter but as a cheerleader and even as a personal assistant as well. He had become a constant companion to her during the pageant. He also shares on social media how he is helping her every step of the way – from bringing all her fancy clothes up to putting body shimmer on Angelique for her shoots!

Photographer & Videographer all in one!

@davidguison a day in my life as bebu’s assistant 🤣 #MANTObeTheUniverse #AngeliqueManto #MUPH #MUPH2023 #MissUniversePhilippines #Pampanga #MissPampanga #DavidGuison ♬ Storytelling – Adriel

His social media is literally an open book to the Miss Universe Philippines journey of Angelique Manto. Not only did he direct some poses for Manto but he also never fails to update the netizens through photos and videos. In addition, he also urges his followers to show their support by voting for her. 

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Constant Companion

@davidguison my introvert gf has been showing up everyday and working hard for her dreams. i am seriosly amazed — and i know this is just the beggining. ❤️ #MANTObeTheUniverse #AngeliqueManto #MUPH #MUPH2023 #MissUniversePhilippines #Pampanga #MissPampanga #DavidGuison #creamsilkk ♬ Always – Daniel Caesar

All of these are already way and beyond but David Guison surely has a lot on his sleeves. He makes sure that aside from being present, he also helps in preparing Angelique for the real battle of the pageant – the Q&A. For this, he has been practicing her for the question and answer portion by giving her difficult questions. He also supports Manto’s advocacy which focuses on mental health. 

Guison’s love and dedication for Manto have not gone unnoticed, and many people have taken to social media to express their admiration for him. It’s no secret that having a supportive partner can make all the difference in achieving one’s dreams. He is not just a boyfriend but a true partner who is invested in her success. 

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