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Styling 2023 Fashion Trends That Has Me In A Chokehold

Styling 2023 Fashion Trends That Has Me In A Chokehold

A new year has constantly introduced recent fashion trends. Of course, we want to get our hands on these items. So, in the flurry of reinvention, we consider styling them with the things we already have in our closets. And, 2023 is coming with trends so good that it already had me in a chokehold. And, basically, these trends center around me strutting taller and feeling more confident about myself. 

heavy boots

Although you need to get used to the extra weight, at least you’ll look really cool with this fashion trend. One of my dream pairs of shoes is the Sassy Chunky Platform Boots from Naked Wolfe. However, it costs over Php 18 thousand. So, I might just get dupes for it. However, I have yet to see a similar style. The color looks retro but the skin-hugging boots will definitely give me that ‘90s attitude. Aside from that, it has a patent shine perfect for a sleek and minimalist look. 

If I were to style it, I would want to have the confidence of wearing a mini dress or a mini skirt that would elongate my legs even more. Since the boots are already an eye-catching element, I would tone down the outfit into either neutrals or straight-up black. That way, all attention goes to the boots. But, of course, let’s not forget any kinds of embellishments and accessories to elevate the entire outfit. To make it even more elevated, add an underbust corset to emphasize your waist.

updated loafers

I love loafers so much. The reason why I like it revolves around being versatile. I can wear them from work to a low-key event to a brunch with the girls to shopping and so much more. This fashion trend, on the other hand, isn’t your average commuter shoes. One of my dream pairs of shoes is the Alexander Wang Carter Leather Platform Loafers. However, it’s over Php 41 thousand.

So, I’m just going to settle for an equally beautiful pair, the Lawrence Black and Green Color Black Leather Flatform Loafers from Steve Madden. Thankfully, this is more affordable than the Alexander Wang one. The way I would like to style this would include more colors than the earlier entry. I would like to style this fashion trend with muted shades of green that won’t overpower the one on the soles.

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platform heels

This might be fancier than the others. But, whether you’re a small girl or a tall one, this fashion trend will definitely make you taller than you’ve ever been. And, it will also make you feel like you’re on top of the world. Statement shoes like these are also a perfect staple with any mini skirt. One of my dream shoes is the Versace Medusa Aevitas Platform Pump. But, of course, just like my other dream shoes, it is too pricey. This costs Php 84 thousand. 

Thankfully, on the other hand, I found a dupe that only costs less than Php 2 thousand from SoFab! Platform heels paired with a sexy bodycon dress are a definite go-to style for this fashion trend. It’s a perfect outfit for night outs, fancy events, parties, and so much more. So, styling them with clothes and accessories should look as fancy as this certain pair of shoes. You can finally achieve your Barbie or Elle Woods dreams!

Styling these fashion trends is making me want to get them even more. This is just putting more and more in a chokehold!

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