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Swimsuit Poses To Copy From Kylie Verzosa

Swimsuit Poses To Copy From Kylie Verzosa

Ready for a beach trip or an island trip wearing your swimsuits? But don’t know how to pose for a photo? Well, we got you! We listed some of the swimsuit photos of Kylie Verzosa from her Instagram for you to have a pose inspo! Because, like you, we can’t get enough of her looks. Her sultry air is just too much to handle. Plus she knows how to pose and project in front of a camera.

So if you are looking for swimsuit poses, this is perfect for you!

Swimsuit Poses To Copy From Kylie Verzosa

The Lean

This is the perfect pose if you are standing next to a tree, rock, or something big to lean on. Just like how Kylie does it, you just have to put your hand onto something to lean, on top of your head and lean a little bit. Show your curves and shape, stick out your hips and your other hand on your head, and smile at the camera.

Or you can just put down your other hand just like this another pose of Kylie Verzosa.

Butt Out

Another lean pose, but this time you have to turn your back to the camera and show your butt out. Put your hand against something to lean. Then one leg up and put your other hand on it. Look at the camera and smile. This pose is also perfect if you’re wearing a backless swimsuit, to emphasize your sexy back and the details of your swimsuit.

The Shy Type

If you are shy or just simply don’t want to show your face and pose to the camera then this one is perfect for you! You just simply cover your face with your hands while trying to fix your hair and try to stand at an angle where your body shape and curves are visible. Then voila! There you go, so easy but still so sexy.

Fixing Hair

This pose is so cute. You don’t need some things or food as props because your hair is already enough! Use your hair as your props and pose. Play it with your both hands just like how Kylie Verzosa does it in her photo. It’s like you’re just minding your own business, enjoying your own company.

See Also

The Fierce Look

For a more serious and fiercer look, you might want to try this pose. You just have to stand and put both of your hands on your head, slightly grabbing your hair and looking straight to the camera and putting your fierce face. And that look is deadly!

The Sit Down

One of the easiest poses that you can actually do then sits down. You just simply sit down, both your hands on your back to lean and show off you’re sexy legs.

The Cross Legs

This is one of the easiest poses as well, not too complicated so surely you can do it! Just stand with poise, straighten your back, and cross your legs. That’s it! So easy! Kylie Verzosa makes it look so majestic as she does this pose against the sunset making it silhouette.

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