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Drip Check: Top Three Fashion Icons in the NBA

Drip Check: Top Three Fashion Icons in the NBA

The National Basketball Association (NBA), is the greatest basketball league in the world. To be a part of the league would be the ultimate dream for any basketball athlete.

Aside from games, trade talks, and rivalries, the fashion drip sense of athletes makes headlines and has become a big part of the ball game.

NBA Players’ Drip Check

3. Kyle Kuzma

The 6 foot 9 Power Forward from Washington Wizards. He has been a target of mockery on the internet for some of his questionable outfits. Despite that, Kuzma continues to flaunt his style and has now become a fashion icon in the NBA.

Today, an associate of the brand Stella Artois and Porter-Yoshida & Co. Appeared at the Paris Fashion Week in June this year.

“I don’t really dress up for fans or try to showboat. I just wear what I wanna wear.”

Kyle Kuzma

2. Kelly Oubre Jr.

For a few years, social media have been noticing the emergence of Kelly Oubre Jr. as a fashion icon in the NBA league.

His signature style of street clothes matched with diamond necklaces, pearls, and shades are too flashy to not be noticed.

In fact, in 2021 Oubre launched his clothing brand “Dope$oul” at the New York Fashion Week.

Aside from his dazzling styles, Kelly Oubre Jr. shares his drip and fashion enthusiasm with his 1.7 million followers on Instagram.

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1. Russell Westbrook

Just like his style of play, Russell Westbrook’s sense of fashion screams boldness and flamboyance. Westbrook tries to stand out by going for daring and unconventional flair. Rather than going for a simpler style of look.

In 2021, Westbrook made headlines after wearing a white skirt matched with black boots at the New York Fashion Week. Despite the backlash, we cannot take away the fact that Westbrook is Sports Illustrated Most Fashionable Athlete in 2017.

While Fashion has always been a part of the league, players are more expressive in today’s generation of athletes. With the power of social media and the NBA’s prominence, the athletes are aware of that more than the attention.

Fashion drips can be a tool to promote brands, attract fans, or send a message to the world.

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