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Different dishes of eggs

Different dishes of eggs

Eggs may appear to be simple, but they are multifunctional. It contains thirteen (13) essential vitamins and minerals, making it likely healthy for people to consume. As a matter of fact, it contains high-quality proteins that are beneficial to a human’s bone, hair, muscle, skin, and nearly every other body part or tissue.

Since we were little, eggs have been one of our staple food in our kitchen. It became our childhood companion since we can have it at all times and up until now, we still refer it as our go-to food whenever we ran out of dishes to eat.

If we are going to take a look at it, eggs are a lifesaver. We can have it for breakfast, lunch, merienda, dinner, midnight snacks or anytime our stomach begins to growl. What a steal right? As for these reasons, prepare yourself to browse these mouthwatering dishes that is perfect to cook for your upcoming family bonding at home.

Let us start with two (2) egg dishes for breakfast. We have the fried egg and an omelette.

Graphics | Ronalyn Cedullo

1. Fried egg

Frying an egg may be one of the easiest dish that you can cook but, this best suits for burgers, salads and even lots of pack of sandwiches.

It has four basic styles, and these are as follows: (1) sunny side up, (2) over easy, (3) over medium and (4) over well. All of it may count but it will depend on you on how you want to cook it. It’s so simple since when you cook this, you’ll just need a pan, an oil, a slotted turner and a pinch of salt.

2. Omelette

Omelette is an egg dish made from beaten eggs. Its presentation typically looks like a folded pancake that has a lot of cheese, chives, meat, mushrooms, onions and vegetables inside it. In fact, most people like this dish when its fluffy since it assures them that it is full of fillings and the egg itself.

After having a breakfast, let us now have our lunch. We have here an egg sarciado.

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Graphics | Ronalyn Cedullo

3. Egg sarciado

Sarciadong Itlog is a dish consisting hard boiled eggs, vegetables and a thick sauce perfect for a cup of rice. This kind of food is a good alternative for meat dishes since it’ll only need the following ingredients to make it:

  • Egg/s
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Bell pepper
  • Tomato
  • Vegetables

Upon having these ingredients, you can now start to make you own Sarciadong Itlog. Also, if you want a richer flavor of this dish, you can just add a tomato paste or sauce on it.

Yum, right? Now, let us taste the tortang talong and egg adobo dish for dinner.

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Graphics | Ronalyn Cedullo

4. Tortang talong

Eggplant omelette or much better known as tortang talong is a dish of pan fry grilled eggplant dipped in a beaten egg. For it to be cooked, all you need to do is fry it using an oil and then after that, it is now ready to serve with a side of ketchup or any condiments you have at home.

At last, we have our all time favorite which is egg adobo.

5. Egg adobo

Similar to how we cook our famous adobo, adobong itlog is also made with garlic, onion, pepper, soy sauce, vinegar, sugar and other spices available in our kitchen.

This dish may be labeled as a cheaper version of adobo yet, with its flavorful and savoury taste, it is not only the Filipinos who are craving for it but also other tourists from different countries. Besides, if you have extra budget, you can add some pieces of eggplant and potatoes to it for a better serving.

Above all, the only question is that “Did you enjoy scanning the aforementioned dishes above?” If yes, go get your wallet and start buying trays of this.

Remember that eggs doesn’t cost that much but, it can fill your stomach anytime you want it. Sounds eggs-citing right?

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